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Dr. Romila Manchanda

  /    /  Dr. Romila Manchanda


  • Ph.D. (Chemistry), 2007 from CCS Meerut, and IGIB, Mall road Delhi. (PhD thesis on Design and synthesis of polymeric nanospheres as carrier for Biomolecules
  • MSC.  (chemistry), 1996-1998 from Delhi University
  • BSc. (Chemistry), 1992-1995 from Delhi University

Work Experience

  • 2003-2004:  Postdoc fellow at Univ. Pari-sud, Paris, France
  • 2007-2011:  Postdoc  Researcher  at FIU University, Miami, USA
  • 2011-2012:   Research Assistant Prof. at FIU University, Miami, USA
  • 2012-2014:   Associate Prof., Galgotias University, Grater Noida, UP
  • 2015-        :    Associate Prof. at KRMU University


She had been at Florida International University (FIU), Miami, USA for five years. She joined FIU as Wallace H Coulter Foundation BME Young Inventor Award recipient for postdoctoral position and in this period, she had established research in nanotechnology for drug delivery applications. She had been later in 2011 promoted to Research Assistant professor in the same department. She had also been awarded with the NIH R15 grant in 2013.

Furthermore, during her time at FIU, she had authored several peer-reviewed articles conference proceedings, and book chapter. During the past years she had prepared novel cancer therapies which can simultaneously carry imaging/hyperthermia and anticancer drugs together to the tumor target site. This delivery system may provide a more efficient and less harmful solution to overcome the limitations found in conventional chemotherapy. She had learned a great deal during her time at FIU.

During her stay at Univ de Paris-Sud, France, her research project was focused on the development of a blood substitute, based on a nanoparticle with hemoglobin. Long circulating nanoparticles were prepared and modified by chemical reaction. Modified particles were prepared in order to increase the hemoglobin binding and were further used them as an artificial oxygen carrier

In 2007, she received Young Scientist Project from Department of Science and Technology (SERC Fast Track Proposals for Young Scientists Scheme), Government of India, March 2007, entitled “Development of novel nanoparticle and nanoparticlate based targeted drug delivery systems and artificial oxygen carrier systems.”

In 2012, after joining at Galgotias University, she taught across the range of programmes and involved delivery of the course. She actively participated in subject design, recent development, and management and reviews the curriculum to improve the effectiveness of teaching for best practice and command of the field. On the research prospects, she wrote and helped other researchers in writing grant proposals. She also took part in development opportunities to improve research and supervision skills.

She enjoys and encourages creative interdisciplinary work. She feels very fortunate to closely work with a very large number of clinicians, doctors and biomedical engineers from various disciplines. She is very passionate about contributing for creation of high quality higher educational programs.

Interest Area(s)

  1. Nanotechnology for cancer applications
  2. Sustained Drug delivery systems.
  3. Trigger release of drugs using by different means


  • Nanotechnology for cancer applications
  • Sustained Drug delivery systems.
  • Trigger release of drugs using by different means

Professional Projects / Professional Achievements

A. Research Support 

Research Support

(Manchanda-PI) Transferred to (Dr. McGoron -Co-PI) 2013-2015

Source: National Institute of Health (R15)

Title: Novel Polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery applications

The goal of this study to develop biodegradable polymer nanoparticles loaded with an imaging agent and near infrared light triggered release mechanism of chemotherapeutic drugs.

Completed Research Projects and Support

Past Support

(McGoron) 11/01/2007 – 5/30/2010

Source: FIU Foundation

Title: Young Inventor Award

The goal of this project is to generate liposomes and polymer micro- and nano-particles for drug delivery applications. Most recently we developed new particles for breast cancer and liver cancer research. My role is to optimize the encapsulation of doxorubicin and indocyanine green into PLGA nanoparticles and characterize the particles using SEM, TEM and DLS.

B. Awards and fellowships

  • Awarded NIH R15 grant entitled “Novel Polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery applications”. 2013.
  • Young Scientist Project from Department of Science and Technology (SERC Fast Track Proposals for Young Scientists Scheme), Government of India, March 2007, entitled “Development of novel nanoparticle and nanoparticlate based targeted drug delivery systems and artificial oxygen carrier systems.”
  • Wallace H Coulter Foundation, BME Young Inventor Award. 2007. Biomedical Engineering Department, Florida International University. 


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