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An efficient and powerful leadership assures success. KRMU is stepping towards success in every field of its activities because of the strong leadership provided by the highly renowned academicians and educationists as the ruling heads. They guide academic, nonacademic and administrative aspects of the University through their own experience, knowledge of on& off-campus resources, and being a leader and role model. They connect the students with academics through faculty and enable them for exploring, critical thinking and multiple answers. They encourage the students and make them believe in themselves. Such self-reliant, hardworking and creative minded citizens are the need of the hour.


“We are in the making of the most promising University wherein the students will use their head, hands & heart all together to become better professionals and still better citizens of this great nation. The University is committed to facilitate the students in all the dimensions of an innovative learning environment; and we ensure the upcoming youth to be capable of successfully facing the challenges of the world.”

Prof. K.K.Aggarwal

M.Tech. Ph.D.

Former Vice Chancellor, GGS IP University, New Delhi

Vice Chancellor

Professor Dr. Aditya Malik has held several senior administrative positions internationally and nationally, and has traveled extensively and given scholarly lectures particularly in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences in India, USA, Europe and New Zealand. Most recently he was founding Professor and Dean of the School of Historical Studies at the newly established Nalanda University in Rajgir, Bihar.

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