MBA degree program in Faridabad

Insider Lessons for Surviving the Modern Corporate World

Best Placement University in Gurgaon Best Private University in NCR

It is a determined fact that the axis of the corporate world is not spinning on any single aspect. It is an ever-advancing realm of multiple talents emerging, performing, and vacating every day. Greater factors like globalization and corporatization have not only influenced the bigger picture but have set highly specific criterions and norms for …

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The Exquisite Campus Life at K.R. Mangalam University

The Exquisite Campus Life at KRMU

Best Private University in NCR University

Since an educational institution lays the foundation for a student’s excellence in academic and personal development, it is important that they get a rewarding experience in all aspects of learning and other activities. Providing a positive learning platform and academic necessities in a safe and sound environment serves to foster holistic development in students, giving …

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Haryana engineering entrance exam

The Significance of Soft Skills in Today’s Management Industry

Best Placement University in Gurgaon Best Private University in NCR University

Being entrusted with the role of a leader, a manager is held at the helm of activities with his/her responsibilities being that of overseeing a department or a group of employees within a specific company or organization. Working as a manager in today’s times is nothing short of an accomplishment as it reveals the ability …

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Haryana engineering admission 2018

Prospective Job Prospects for English Language Graduates

Best Placement University in Gurgaon University

In a phase, when as a ground norm, the higher percentage of young age population is opting for pure science curriculums or technical courses as their higher study fields, the endeavor of the youth brigade to elect English as their subject of graduation authentically appears as a ‘fresh’ move. While scientific theories and technological methods …

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Top journalism university in Haryana

Dynamic Career Opportunities in Journalism Cultivated by Modern India

Best Private University in NCR

With digital development promisingly getting deep-seated in India and information technology touching sky high advancements, the native public today is in a better position to access to all sorts of information about various fields of life, which in turn also leads to augmenting the real scenario of nation’s progress. This phenomenon, in turn, lets to …

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