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"Open Studio 2018" is the upcoming event organised by School of Architecture & Planning on 20-04-2018. The main theme & purpose of this event is to showcase the hidden path of Architecture and the struggle of an architecture student. It will also exhibit the hard work of students in studios through sheets , models etc with activities and workshops open for all students & faculties.

Guest Lecture on “Transforming the Architecture Education with Virtual Reality” by Ar. MayurKarodia Date: March 14, 2018. Venue: A-213, K. R.Mangalam University School of Architecture and Planning (SOAP) had successfully organized a guest lecture on Virtual Reality: Transforming the Architecture Education with Virtual Realityon 14thMarch, 2018 at K.R.Mangalam University which witnessed an enthusiastic response from students as well as faculties in the discipline of architecture. The speaker for the session was Ar. MayurKarodia, architect and Co-founder of OutsiteVR& an alumnus of India’s one of theprestigious Institute, IIT Roorkee is an Architect turned

Presentation on BIM (Building Information Modeling) By Dr. John Rogers Thursday, 8th March, 2018 at A-213, K.R. Mangalam University. Dr. John Rogers, Director of the Malaysian chapter of building SMART and Roamef, works primarily to propagate the digitalizing of the built environment. He is an assistant Professor at Heriot-Watt University and leads development of AI and VR systems. John Rogers covered the following points in the presentation: 1. What is BIM? 2. How BIM is impacting built environment and construction industry? 3. BIM in UK and Malaysia. 4. BIM and a digital

Singapore a country of multi cultural environment, ethnic diversity and a city of varied influences can claim to have some of the world best architecturally designed buildings. Architecture of Singapore is result of its varied influences in terms of migration of people throughout Asia with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, being the economic powerhouse of the east, hub of innovation and technology and its ability to keep pace with latest technological and scientific advancements. All of this is reflected in its architecture and city scape. It is any architect’s dream to

Architect Sanjeev Saxena obtained Master’s degree from S.P.A, New Delhi with distinction. He has been involved in academics as well as professional practice in architecture. His projects range from small scale interior projects to large scale commercial centers. He has authored papers covering a wide range of topics, from environment, feasibility of projects to housing and urban villages. His expertise on diverse topics in architecture helped the fifth year students in finalizing their topics for Thesis. For Stage 1, the students presented their topics along with site analysis, proposal and case

A workshop on Energy Efficient Design for understanding climate aspects of architecture was conductedon 8thFebruary, 2018 for the students of B. Arch 3rd Year and 2nd Year, School of Architecture & Planning (SOAP). The expert Ar. Ashutosh Gupta had delivered the lecture and trained the students on the software COMFEN for energy simulation of fenestrations.The workshop started with a lecture on the aspects of climatology through analysis of stereographic diagrams. The concept of shadow mask and sun path diagram were also incorporated. The session after lunch comprised of hand on

NASA – ‘National Association of Students of Architecture’ is a forum which promotes interaction between students, faculty and professionals. It is a platform where students from varied cultural backgrounds would learn and share their knowledge. National NASA convention is a yearly event at the National level and the Zonal NASA is one at the zonal level. In National NASA 100-120 colleges participate from all over India. For Zonal NASA there are 6 zones throughout Indiaincluding 1-2 states within one zone. Zonal NASA invites around 20-25 colleges per zone. This year Zonal