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The students of School of Journalism and Mass Communication conceptualised and produced an advertising campaign on Organ Donation. The advertising campaign was designed for The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India. The NGO was launched in March 2013 as an initiative of the Parashar Foundation. Ms. Sunayana Arora Singh, CEO, ORGAN India officially launched the campaign on 11th October 2018. More than 100 students attended the launch and applauded the work done by the students. The students of BA(JMC) as a part of their curriculum designed the series of print

के ॰ आर ॰ मंगलम के पत्रकाररता व जनसंचार ववभाग ने जोशो - खरोश और लगन के साथ ससतम्बर को ह ंदी हदवस का आयोजन ककया । इस दौरान ववभाग के छात्रों ने ववसभन्न गततववधियों का आयोजन व सञ्चालन ककया । जजसमेप्रश्नावली] एक शब्दीयेखेल] पोस्टर और सुलेख प्रततयोधगता शासमल ै। श्री अनुराग अन्वेषी जी समारो के मुख्य अततधथ र े । व जनसत्ता अख़बार के सीतनयर अससस्टेंट एडिटर के पद पर काययरत ै। उन् ोंने स्वतंत्रता संग्राम मेंभारतीय भाषाओंव खासकर ह ंदी मेंप्रकासशत अखबारों व पत्रत्रकाओंके भूसमका को रेखांककत ककया और आज़ादी के बाद पत्रकाररता

School of Journalism and Mass Communication, K.R. Mangalam University organized guest lecture by Mr. Rakesh Taneja, Executive Producer, Zee News on 4th, September, 2018 for the students of J. BA (JMC). The theme of the lecture was Television News Production. Prof . (Dr.) Kiran Bala, Dean, SJMC welcomed the guest Mr. Rakesh Taneja, Executive Producer, Zee News and highlighted his achievements. Mr. Rakesh Taneja shared his life experiences related to field reporting and News management. His on the importance of practical exposure apart from classroom practices. He said “Reading habits are one

The School of Management & Commerce had taken around 20 Students to attend 3rd Innovator and Industry Meet organized by IETE on 1st September, 2018 in Lodhi road under the distinguished patronage of KTV Reddy, President, IETE and under the chairmanship of Prof. P. Prabhakar, chairman (IETE). The theme of the meet is to complement and spread the awareness efforts of the Government which has already created its buzzword ‘Make in India’. The country’s current demographic scenario with more than 50% of the population dwelling under 30 years of age

School of Journalism and Mass Communication organised an educational visit to see Wild Life Photography exhibitionat DLF Promenade, Delhi on14th August 2018, for BA(JMC) students.The Exhibition was presented by Prasenjeet Gautam . The Exhibition showcased many Photographs reflecting the theme of wildlife Photography in monochromatic hue with the projection of more than 100 photographs. The Exhibitionbrings out the best of the images of the photography experts apart from the Prasenjeet’s work which includes the renowned photographers like Ravi Dhingra, AjayJain, Amit Pasricha, Vivek Singh and many more. Some of the highlights of

Media Junction, the media club of K.R. Mangalama University organized an Anchoring Workshop on 17th April 2018. BJMC students and member students of the Media Junction participated in this workshop. News Anchor in DD News Mohd.Nauman was invited to take this workshop. He is associated with DD News since April 2013 and isPresenter of programme MANZAR at National Channel of All India Radio. He is also working as Anchor in DD Urdu’s Special Current affairs Program (Ye Hai India) from March 2014 to till date. Students learned nuances of News Anchoring, Pronunciation,

School of Journalism and Mass Communication organized an expert lecture by Dr. Samir Kapur, Sr. Vice President, ADFACTORS PR on 27th February 2018. Theme of the lecture was ‘Public Relations: Tools and Strategies’. Dr.Samir has more than two decades of experience in the field of corporate communications, investor relations and strategic planning. Dr. Samir has serviced marquee clients such as Vodafone, MTS, PwC, Tata Group, Infosys, Singapore Airlines, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, General Motors, NDPL, Indo Rama, Times Internet, NDTV Convergence, ITDC, CRY, AMW, Amara Raja, and LML. Dr.Samir discussed various concepts

School of Journalism and Mass Communication organised an educational visit on 9th February 2018, for the students of BJMC to NGO 'Bachpan Bachao Andolan' to understand the various aspects of development communication. The NGO is founded by Nobel Prize winner KailashSatyarthi.Mr. BasuRai, a senior employee of NGO explained the students about the functioning of NGO and its mission of saving the children's future. Students were also shown a documentary ‘Ropes in their hands-… weavers of childhood’ made on girl child trafficking from Nepal to work in Indian Circuses. The documentary showed


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