Student Clubs and Societies

Sports Club


Convener - Mr. Ashwani Kumar

Purpose - To conduct indoor and outdoor sports, both at university or interuniversity level; encourage students to play games, organize sports competitions.

Rhetorica- Literary Society


Convener - Dr. Omana Antony, Ms. Sapna Sharma

Purpose - Organizing Debates, Quiz, Essay Writing, Story writing, and Extempore. To help students improve written/spoken English.

Photography Club (KRMU KLICKS)


Convener - Mr. Diwakar Padalia

Purpose - Training in photography, competitions, cover university events etc.

Cultural Society /Club

Convener - Ms. Asha Sohal

Purpose - To conduct competitions in dance, drama, singing, dancing along with conducting Annual Fest.

Management Society

Convener - Dr. Richa Nangia

Purpose - To make students aware of various HR/Management policies, basics of management and entrepreneurship.

Health Society

Convener - Ms. Silky Sethi

Purpose - To train students in using health instruments like checking BP, Blood Sugar and organize camps.

Computer Society

Convener - Mrs. Parneeta Dhaliwal, Mr. Bablu Pandey

Purpose - To make presentations, educate students on expertise use of word, excel, etc.; IT Literacy.

Architecture Society

Convener - Mr. Sujith Sudhakaran

Purpose - Drawing, Painting. Clay Modeling etc.

Legal Society

Convener - Ms. Priyanka Madrena

Purpose - To make students, society aware about various legal policies.

Electronics Society

Convener - Ms. Meenakshi Katoch

Purpose - To Teach basics of electronics to non-science students.

E Yantra (Robotics Society)


Convener - Dr. Ranjit Varma

Purpose - Raise awareness amongst students about Robotics,.

Science Society (Dr. Abdul Kalam Society)

Convener - Dr. Jyotsana Sharma, Mr. Chander Mohan

Purpose - To help students gain knowledge of basic sciences; organize science events.

Chetna (Self Development Society)

Convener - Ms. Sapna Sharma

Purpose - To conduct extension lectures, seminars on self Development.

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