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Educational Trip To Singapore

Singapore a country of multi cultural environment, ethnic diversity and a city of varied influences can claim to have some of the world best architecturally designed buildings. Architecture of Singapore is result of its varied influences in terms of migration of people throughout Asia with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, being the economic powerhouse of the east, hub of innovation and technology and its ability to keep pace with latest technological and scientific advancements. All of this is reflected in its architecture and city scape.

It is any architect’s dream to visit a country like Singapore which has agreat blend of tradition and modernity expressed in their architectural aesthetics. To provide a vision to the prospective architects a five day trip to Singapore was organized by the university from 13-17 February, 2018. A group of 26 students accompanied by two faculty members, Prof. Indrani Ghoshal Basu and Ar. Pankaj Dhayal undertook their first educational tour to a foreign destination.
The University had arranged for the best Boarding and lodging facility for the students and the faculty in Hotel Parc Sovereign.

On day one the students visited the Lasalle college of Arts which was just across the hotel. LASALLE College of the Arts (informally LASALLE) is a non-profit, private arts institution in Singapore .It was awarded the Green Mark Gold Award by the Building and Construction Authority, for its contribution to sustainability and environment awareness.
The next place of architectural interest wasReflections at Keppel Bay, which was a luxury waterfront residential complex on approximately 84,000 m² of land with 750m of shoreline having 1129 units of houses.

A public housing, Skyville on 85 Dawson, Queenstownwas another architectural attraction. The Design is based on the themes of community, variety and sustainability which are the integral part of any public housing. The students visited the famous ‘polises’- the sector specific business parks designed by one of the architecture legend Ar. Zaha Hadid. The complexes are also known as One North.

On the second day the students visited National University of Singapore. Prof. Johannes Widodo, Associate professor at theSchool of Design and Environment, which istop 9th best architecture school in the world, welcomed the students in the university and gave a presentation on the planning of Singapore and its history of development. Prof. Widodo walked the students through the Department of Architecture under School of Design and Environment.The interactions with the faculty and the students proved to be a great learning exercise.

Gardens bythe Bay, is a nature park spanning around 100 acres of reclaimed land in central Singapore. It is part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”, to enhance the quality of life of the city. The visit was immensely satisfying.

The Marina Barrage, a dam was the next destination .It provides for water storage and flood control mechanisms. The structure adopts a green roof, having grass lawn at the top fitted with solar panels.
On day three the group visitedTheatres on the Bay, also known as the Esplanade Theatre having 60,000 square meters built up area.The unique architectural design has been said to have an appearance similar to either a durian (a tropical fruit) or the eyes of a fly.

The students also visitedMarina Bay Sands Hotel and MerlionPark. Little India, China Town and Orchard Road. In the evening they enjoyed the Chinese New year fireworks.
On the 4th day the group visited hotel Oasia a building by WOHA, a famous local architectural firm in Singapore. Oasia Hotel Downtown has been used as a prototype of land use intensification for the urban tropics; presenting an alternative to the sleek skyscrapers of the west.
The next stops were the new Supreme Court designed by architect Norman Foster and Arts and Science Museum.
This visit helped students to develop an insight into the architectural aesthetics of Singapore, its efficient resource utilization and management, construction techniques and over all developmentof the city .



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