Guest Lecture on Engineered Bamboo Structures A Beginning towards Sustainable Construction

The School of Architecture & Planning conducted a guest lecture on “Engineered Bamboo Structures: A Beginning towards Sustainable Construction” on 3rd October, 2017 for the students of B.Arch & B.Tech (Civil) by Prof. Suresh Bhalla, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi. One of his main areas of research interest is bamboo structures. Prof. Bhallapossesses more than 20 years of experience into academics andresearch in civil engineering& published various national and international papers. In his presentation he talked about how bamboo can be more sustainable, eco-friendly & alternative material in future construction. He showcased students through this innovative research practice that how bamboo can be combined with steel in reinforcement process in construction of complex structures such as domes, space frames etc. Students learnt various technicaldetails &properties of bamboothrough his presentation. The lecture was followed by a question answer session where Prof. Suresh Bhalla satisfactorily clarified the queries of the students regarding the use of bamboo in construction. His valuable inputs will help the students to understand the engineered aspects of bamboo in complex structural system. The program was attended by all the students and faculty members of School of Architecture and Planning& Department of Civil Engineering.

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