Industry visit to Pre-Cast & Pre Fabrication Unit of B G Shirke Construction

An educational visit to precast & prefabrication unit of B G Shirke construction site at Narela was organized on 12th Aug, 2017 for students of VIIth Semester, SOAP. B G Shirke Construction is pioneer in precast construction technology and is the first organization that invented and developed this technology in India.The purpose of the site visit was to learn the latest technology of prefabrication, precast elements and its erection on site. Ar. Vinod Patil and Ar. Nisha Sharma accompanied the students to the site where they were guided byMr. R. N. ShindeDy. Genral Manager, B G Shirke Construction. The students were shown a short film on complete profile of B G Shirke construction and procedure of Prefabrication. The students then visited one of the units at the site which had prefabricated R.C.C. walls used for exterior walls of the dwelling unit while the internal walls were brick masonry walls. The finished work was seen there and then they visited the pre-casting units/ Factory where students learnt the whole procedure of costing slabs, columns, beams, walls, chajjas, and other small components of precast construction technique. The factory visit also included the visit to the Reinforcement assembly area where all the reinforcement cutting, bending, welding could be seen for various precast building components. After the factory visit students went to the ongoing prefabrication site, where they learnt about the errection& assembly &connections of precast components like column, beam slab etc. Students gained knowledge about connections and on site process of prefabrication. The visit was a good exposure for the students to learn how precasting and prefabrication is done and process of the building erection by using the same.

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