Visit To National Science Centre, New Delhi

An education visit to National Science Centre, New Delhi was organized by School of Architecture and Planning (SOAP) on 11thAugust 2017 for the 3rdyear students of Architecture, as a part of their curriculum of 'Architecture Design'. The faculties accompanying the students were Ar. Akanksha Singh and Ar. Nidhi Aggarwal.The aim of this visit was to make students understand the concept, idea , functionality and circulation space of Museum. National Science Museum was designed by Ar. AchyutKanvinde. At the museum site the students understood the aspects of planning:

  • Location,
  • Entrance,
  • Circulation pattern,
  • Parking,
  • Building façade,
  • Connectivity of the spaces etc. and
  • Landscape


The students observed the different functions and prepared a presentation based on the following :

  • the segregation of public, semi-public and private spaces
  • placement of different functions
  • floor wise segregation
  • blocking and Area analysis
  • open and built proportions
  • Vertical and horizontal connectivity of different functions.
  • Services.

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