Advances in Motorsport Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering, SOET organized a Seminaron “Advances in Motorsport Engineering” on 29th August 2017. Students of 3rd, 5th& 7th semester of Mechanical Engineering and 3rd semester of Civil Engineering Department attended the seminar.The speaker of the program was Dr Sabuj Mallik (Associate Professor and Head of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Discipline at University of Derby, England). The event was organized and co-ordinated by Mr. Ajay Rathee, Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Department. Dr Sabuj Mallikstarted his presentation by giving an insight in the fundamentals of Motorsport engineering. Furthermore, design, construction and operation of competition vehicles and related aspects of materials science, aerodynamics, structural analysis, vehicle systems, and management techniques related to motorsport were presented. The presentation in itself was a complete tutorial about the advancements in motorsport engineering. It was a great experience for the students to know about the design,aerodynamics, structural analysisand operation of competition vehicles to get the solutions of the problem with much accuracy which they are tackling as a part of their course curriculum.

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