Demonstration on Fabrication and working of 3D printer

Department of Mechanical Engineering, SOETorganized ademonstrationon“Fabrication and working of 3D printer” on 25thSeptember 2017, in Robotics Lab. Faculty members of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and electronicsengineering with their students attended the demonstration. 3D printing technology is able to bridge the gap between visual perception and 3-dimensional spatial visualisation. Moreover, 3D printer improves CAD software proficiency which is a crucial aspect for engineers. The event was organized and co-ordinated by Mr. Ajay Rathee, Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Department. Demonstration was assisted by Sifat Singh (ME student 2013-17 batch) Mr. Sifat Singhstarted his presentation by giving an insight in the fundamentals of 3D printing technology.Furthermore, fabricating method, materials and software involvement were elaborated in easy way. Mr. Ajay Ratheeillustrateddesign, construction and operation offabricated 3D printer. Many related aspects of Arduino based programming, construction of G-codes for CAD modelswere also presented. Custom automotive parts of different shapes were printed.The presentation in itself was a complete tutorial about 3D printing technology.It was a great experience for participants to get to know about the design,working, and operation of 3D printerto get the solutions of the problem with much accuracy which they are tackling as a part of their course curriculum.

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