Guest lecture on "Data Sciences And Artificial Intelligence" by Dr. SrivasChennu, lecturer University of Kent & Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge

K.R. Mangalam University CSI Student Branch, organized a guest lecture on 'Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence', on 17th November, 2017by Dr. Srivas Chennu. Dr. Srivas Chennuis a lecturer at the University of Kent and a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. Guest lecturestarted with a welcome note by Mr. Abhinav Grover, a fifth semester student of B.Tech CSE. Dr. Srivas started his session by giving a brief introduction of Kent University and his research work being done in varied domains and then he explained the importance of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in today's technological world. He also explained, how connected world generates large volume of data which needs to be understood and analysed to extract vital information hidden in it and this could be well performed with the help of Data Science. Dr. Srivas, explained about theartificial intelligence (AI), as well.He said that artificial intelligencetechnology is being used in a wide area of day to day services and now has become an important part of everyone’s life. More then sixty students along withfaculty members from different schools of K.R. Mangalam Universityattended the lecture. Guest lecture concluded with the presentation of memento to Dr. Srivas Chennu by Dr. Parneeta Dhaliwal, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science (SOET), followed by a vote of thanks by Mr. Abhinav.

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