Visit to National Museum of India New Delhi

School of Fashion organized a visit to “National Museum of India”, New Delhiin which all the students of School of Fashion along with faculty member Ms. VidhiMadhra and Mr. NeerajYadav, visited “National Museum”.

The“National Museum” contains an outstanding collection of Early Indian sculpture. It has in its possession over 2 lakh works of exquisite art, both of Indian and foreign origin covering more than 5000 years of our cultural heritage. Museum has showcased its objects in different galleries. The objects displayed in each gallery have been properly classified, stylistic, chronological and religious.

The main objective of this visit was to provide a platform to students where they can get detailed knowledge of Historical education and to gain a hands-on experience of culturalartefacts from different time periods. This unique exposure provided the foundation for reflection, experimentation, inspiration, creativity, enjoyment amongst the students and allowed for authentic learning experiences related to their curriculum.

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