Vistit to ‘Amazon India Fashion Week SS'18 (Spring Summer), New Delhi

School of Fashion organized an educational visitto ‘Amazon India Fashion Week SS'18, New Delhi . The fashion week is organisedin associationwith the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). All the students of 1st,3rd&5th Semester along with faculty membersMr.Neeraj Kr. Yadav&Ms. Rasika Kaushal visited the FDCI Show. FDCI isthe fulcrum for activities that have been supported by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Textiles and Gujarat State Khadi and Village Industries Board as they actively facilitated trade at various fashion weeks. Its prime objective is to propagate the business of fashion in India and globally by adding resplendent flair in the form of coveted fashion weeks. FDCI is great platform for the existing and upcoming designers for showcasing their idea, innovation and creativity in front of media and the public; and to get a review or feedback on their collections. As our students visited AIFWSS’18 Fashion Week¸ they got an opportunity to understand about stage coordination, costume coordination, themes, colours of the season, style line of the season and so on gaining great experience and exposure of this dream profession. Students had a glimpse of upcoming Fashion Trends, colours, Silhouette’s &Fabrics at the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018 and Archana Rao, Fashion Designer and the creative director of the label. (ANI).Hercollection is inspired by a poem 'The girl that lost things' by George MacDonald. The poem captures the journey of a girl, starting off as raw, reckless and materialistic, who soon goes through some life changing losses, making her discover things she didn't know about herself. The collection, she prepared for Amazon India Fashion Week SS’18 is an effervescence of soothing muted tones, quirky elements and clean modern silhouettes. The wide range of ensembles is intricately embroidered and coupled with leather and mesh detailing. Students also attended Pallavi Dhyani&Munkee.see.munkee.doofashion Show,her collection, Inspired by Shiva and the theory of the trinity, offers subtle detailing, geometric cut outs, matched with comfort and lots of layering. Designer Munkee.see.munkee.doo collection, Inspired by nostalgia for a past love affair, was refreshingly easy-going and full of comfortable, everyday silhouette. After the Show, students visited Designers collection Stalls and also got opportunity to interact with Designers, Models, Stylist and Celebrities to discuss and share their ideas and views regarding the Fashion Week.