Faculty development Programme

The School of Humanities has taken the initiative to conduct FDP for the faculty members of KRMU. They made the start with a Group Discussion for the faculty members of SOHS, SOFD, SOED & SJMC on 8th of October on the topic "Is Women going for work the main cause for the increasing family break down? Mrs.Poonam and Ms.Vidhi were very firm on the fact that women going for work is not at all a cause for the family break down. They were supported by Ms.Shikha and asserted that oit is men's attitude towards women that causes the major problem for the break down. Dr.Rajyavardhan also shared his view that a brioadminded approach from both will be able to solve the issue. Ms.Komal was very strong on her point about women's independence. She inssited the need for financial independence of women. The discussion was very very lively and gave the participants a very good platform for free expression of their views. 

As a continuation to this FDP, a 2nd Group Discussion was conducted on 12th of November, for faculty members from 10:00am to 10:30am in A-315. The topic this time was " How to sustain the attention span of students in a class of about one hour duration?"

Participants were:

Dr.Meghna (SOMC)
Dr.Khera (SOMC)
Ms.Priyanka (SOLW)
Dr.Pankaj (SMAS)
Mr.Apurv Dubey(SOET)

The rules and regulations of GD were discussed first and then the topic was announced. Many interesting points came out from the discussion as effective strategies for sustaining attentions. Dr.Meghna recommended the teachers to remain connected with students. Ms.Sulakshana also was very strong about teacher being a source of motivation and appreciation with understanding. Ms.Pooja supported and stressed on the need of sustaining interest of the students. Dr.Bhavna insisted on the need of back up sources for a teacher to resort in case of a deviation is required. Mr.Apoorv shred his experience telling that depending upon the subjedct and the personality of the person who handles the class, students will be interested. Ms.Kusum called the attention telling the need of going down to the level of students. Ms.Priyanka supported this and emphasised that we must follow bilingual approach since students are having language problem. Dr.Parneeta shared her personal way of handling the class by giving freedom for students to move out of the class if they are not interested, and she keeps only those who are interested. Dr.Pankaj & Dr.Khera told that duration is not an issue, but how we are taking the class is the most important aspect. Dr.Romila also shared her views on attention catching strategy. Dr.Rajyavardhan concluded the discussion appreciating everybody who involved in the discussion and emphsizing the point that we have to come down to the level of the students.

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