Guest Lecture on How to appreciate Literature by Prof Dr Harish Narang

School of Humanities organized a guest lecture by renowned Prof (Dr) Harish Narang on ‘How to Appreciate Literature’ on 22 August, 2017. Prof (Dr.) Narang was the former professor and chairperson, Centre for English, JNU Delhi and has over 45 years of teaching experience. He has written over twenty books and over fifty research papers to his credit. The students of School of Humanities and School of Education attended the lecture in large number. Prof (Dr.) Narang in his lecture defined the terms ‘literature’, ‘commitment’ and ‘politics’, and their impact on society. Dr.Narang’s advice to students to read the horrible realities taking place around us on everyday really influenced the students. They were asked to develop the interest of reading the day-to-day issues and sufferings of people in the society around us.He also emphasized on the importance of songs as an integral part of our literature. While talking about the present trends in literature he also talked about intolerance observed by various littérateurs by returning awards. Prof. Narang strongly criticized the use of erotic imagery by authors in their work and mentioned that atrocities towards woman can be described without giving gloomy and erotic details. It was a great experience for the students attending the lecture and learning the various ways in which literature can be appreciated. The session was followed by an interactive session with the faculty members and students where Prof (Dr) Narang answered the questions raised by students. Prof (Dr.) Omana Antony, Dean, School of Humanities and School of Education proposed the vote of thanks. The session was coordinated by Mrs.MouliChowdhuri&Mrs.PriyenkaRedhu.

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