Report On Talk By Uk Delegates

A Talk by UK delegates was organised by the School of Humanities on 17 January, 2017 in A-213 and A-315 by Dr. Joseph Devine from University of Bath and Dr. Ross Forman from University of Warwick respectively. Dr. Ross Forman,an Associate Professor with specialization in Comparative Literary Studies delivered a talk on “New Directions in Postcolonial Studies: Theorizing Global City Literature”. The students of BJMC and B.A.(H) English attended it.In his lecture, he discussed issues related to decolonisation and post colonisation with reference to structure, emergence and migration. He further discussed how transnationalism has contributed towards literary canon. He finally concluded his talk with a discussion on the effects of diaspora and double diaspora across globe, enriching literature. Dr. Joseph Devine, Head of Department, delivered a talk on “Environment, Effect and Global Changes”. The students of Law,B.El.Ed and B.A.(H) Economics attended it. , In his lecture, he drew the attention of students to the aftermaths of increasing population, poverty and inequality. He discussed the two theories, i.e., Malthusianism and Cornucopian and how these theories are influencing today’s lifestyle. While dealing with these theories, he emphasised on the usage of contraceptive measures that can be used for controlling population explosion as there is arithmetical increase in population in comparison to geometrical increase in food.While focussing on Cornucopian theory, Dr. Devine focussed on the fact that even though resources are available abundantly the accessibility to the resources is a matter of concern. The solution to such problem can be proper distribution of resources.He concluded his talk with open discussion with the students. The students participated actively in the discussion. They were highly benefitted with the insights, understanding and expertise shared by the delegates as it widened their horizon of knowledge in updating them with international arena.

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