Report on Workshop on Interview Skills and Group Discussion held on 12 April 2017

Rhetorica – the English Literary Society of K.R. Mangalam University conducted a workshop on Interview Skills and Group Discussion on April 12, 2017. This one day workshop was divided into two sessions. First half, along with inaugural session, trained the studentson how to prepare for interviews. The second half focused on techniques of Group Discussion. Mr. Prabbal Frank, a celebrated Management and Communication Expert from The Skills Academy, was the Resource person. He, with his unique blend of wisdom, practical sense and the awareness about the modern trend , guided the students on how to maximize their chances of success by mastering the job winning techniques. He said thatstudents should know the strategieslike how to negotiate salarypackages and how to get noticed. He also trained students on performing better in Group Discussions by keeping simple points in their minds. In this session, he focused on leadership qualities, listening skills and SAT(Skills, Attitude, Traits). He asked students to perform a mock Group Discussion and pointed their positive and negative points during their performance. The students were highly satisfied with the workshop. They enjoyed the activities and interaction which created a highly effective learning . Rhetorica Team, KRMU

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