Vintage Camera Museum and Foundation Visit

‘Photography Club’ and School of Journalism and Mass Communication of KRMU, organized a one-day visit to the Vintage Camera Museum and Foundation, DLF Phase-3, Gurugram, on 27th April, 2017. The Museum showcases analogue cameras from over a century-long period, grown out of the personal collection of visual historian and celebrated photographer, Aditya Arya.

Mr. Aditya Arya took the students for the tour of the museum and showed them various cameras and accessories collected from all over the world. He educated the students about the development of photography and demonstrated the functioning of cameras and various related equipment and accessories. The Vintage Camera Museum and Foundation has a vast collection of gorgeous, bulky cameras sitting pretty on glass display cases, cameras used during second world-war to capture the bombing, a fascinating collection of original photos from the Partition-era and all the camera accessories.Students enthusiastically asked questions and the collector-curator Mr. Aditya Arya answered all the queries.

The visit was coordinated by Dr. DiwakarPadalia, Ms. Shikha Sharma and Mr. Charu Chandra Pathak. This visit helped the student to understand the nuances of camera functioning and they physically witnessed the ancient equipment which were otherwise only available in form of pictures and videos in the internet.

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