Visit to News Nation Channel and Participation in India Bole Program

School of Journalism and Mass Communication organized news channel visit on 28.04.2017 to News Nation Channel at Noida for the students of BJMC II and IV students. Dr. Kumar Rajyavardhan accompanied the students and introduced them to various editorial staff of the channel. Students visited different studio of the channel and also participated in the panel discussion program,’ India Bole’. Students also participated in the program of regional channel News State.India bole is a special program of one hour duration anchored by Ramesh Bhatt .Ramesh’s strength is his in-depth knowledge on a particular subject. He has done a number of live debates on social, economic, political and international issues.

The topic of the discussion was food wastage in India. Students asked different relevant questions from the expert panel present in the studio and other experts who were connected via OB Van from other destinations. Ramesh Bhatt, anchor of the program appreciated the efforts of the students and wished them good luck for their future endeavor. After the show, Mr.Ramesh Bhatt explainedabout various issues of journalism and the etiquettes of live anchoring. Students also met with different other editorial staff and discussed various topic of their interest and practically got the hands on experience about the setup and function of the editorial department.

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