Road Safety and Traffic Rules Awareness by Legal Aid Society of KRMangalam University

Legal Aid Society of School of Law, K.R. Mangalam University conducted an awareness programme "Road Safety and Traffic Rules Awareness" at Sohna Chowk and Rajeev Chowk Gurgaon, on 15th November 2017. A team of students of School of Law accompanied with Dr. Kavita Chawla and Dr. Inderpreet Kaur, Faculty, School of Law, KRMU, explained the commuters about the road safety and traffic rules . Pamphlets were also distributed to raise awareness about traffic rules. The students asked the commuters to wear seat belts and helmets while driving four wheelers and two wheelers respectively. They also requested commuters not to talk over phone while driving and explained them the hazards it may cause . Students also created awareness and informed them that vehicles should be stopped before zebra crossing . Pedestrians were told about their right to cross the roads and proper procedure for crossing the road safely.Commuters were vary happy and they agreed that they will follow the traffic rules. Traffic Police officials, who were on duty, also helped in the legal aid and appreciated the effort of the students of School of Law, K.R. Mangalam University. During the awareness programme, a lady approached the team to discuss about her own divorce case in which she is facing financial issues in fighting the case. She was properly guided and advised to approach the District Legal Services Authority, Gurugram.

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