Guest Lecture Preparing Budding Managers for Digital World By Saket Srivastava

The School of Management and Commerce conducted a guest lecture on “Preparing Budding Managers for Digital World” for the students of B.Com(H), BBA, M.Com and MBA. The speaker was Mr. Saket Srivastava from Axtria who possess 22 years of experience into data analytics and product management; he is also passionate for teaching students about the current trends in the industry. The presentation was about preparing young minds to be comfortable with digital world and it’s working environment. Though, it’s not unheard that bookish knowledge is different from what one practically does in the industry, yet the concepts could not be undermined. It’s as significant as knowing to put the data into software and get the results. The pyramid of success for young budding managers was described in such a simple and yet sequential order which required one to know the concepts first and then the tool for practical application followed by in-depth insights of one domainalong with interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. The presentation left the young minds thinking how important each information and content is that we leave on the social site and other fields and how it turns out to be a matter of substance for businesses.

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