Industrial Visit to Moon Beverages Happiness Factory Coca Cola

The School of Management & Commerce organized an industrial visit to Moon Beverages: Happiness Factory (Coca- Cola) at Greater Noida for the first year students of BBA/B.Com (H), MBA and M.Com. It started with the registration and small refreshment for students. Mr. Saurabh (Marketing Executive) gave a small oral presentation about the history of the Coca-Cola and its strategy in getting into Indian market. The oral presentation was further complemented by a video which showed the entire product range of Coke and its market share. The team of Coke then took students to the production Unit where different stages were explained and how the supplies are procured to carry on the production. The students were then taken to the exhibition where some of its major products were into display briefing its history including products which has not yet entered India but has already made a market outside. The team also discussed its corporate social responsibility in depth. At the end, there was a small quiz which invigorated the students and forced them to recall the things they were listening since the beginning. It was overall a great experience for the students where they could get to know how a brand works to be in the top of the list.

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