Educational excursion to Mughal Garden, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi

An educational excursion trip to Mughal Garden, Rashtrapati Bhawan, and New Delhi was organized on 15th Feb 2017 for B. Pharmacy IInd year students. The tour was accompanied by Dr. Pankaj Gupta and Dr. Shrestha Sharma.The students visited herbal garden. The herbal garden at this historical site comprises of more than 500 herbs that are used for the treatment of various ailments and diseases. The students got exposure of the various medicinal and aromatic plants such as Ashwgandha, Gurmar, Marigold, Stevia, Bach, Isabghol, Artemisia annua, eucalyptus, Menthapiperrataetcand got awareness of their pharmacological potential. Some species that are not available commonly were also viewed at this place. The tour enhanced the knowledge of the students regarding the traditionally used medicinal herbs, techniques for cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants and plants identification

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