Health Awareness Camp held at Bhondsi

Health Society of K.R. Mangalam University conducted a Health Awareness camp on 13th Oct.,2016 in Govt. School, Bhondsi. This Health awareness Camp was organized with the cooperation of an NGO named Sankalp Sangh. Under the guidance of Coordinator of Health Society, Ms. Silky Sethy, the students of Pharmacy department participated actively in the camp and performed various bio-chemical tests such as Body Mass Index, Hb content, Blood Group, Blood Pressure etc. In this camp, students of Class X, XI, XII of the Govt. School participated and underwent various biochemical tests. Many of the students were found to be anemic having their Hb level very low in the range of app 6-8. The anaemic patients were counselled and were suggested to take foods rich in iron content. Awareness about general dietary habits wasalso created among the students. Teachers and students, all appreciated the efforts of the Health societyand Principal of the school requested to organize more such kind of camps in future.

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