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Business Quiz Organised by Management Society

Date - 10-Oct-2017

The Management Society organized a Business Quiz on 10th Oct. 2017 at KRMU.Total 53 students signed up for the written round after which top 20 qualif...

Rhetoric 2017

Date - 06-Oct-2017

RHETORIC 2017, Inter-University Literary Fest, Rhetorica -The English Literary Society, on 6th October, 2017



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Khadi Day Celebrations by School of Fashion

Date - 04-Oct-2017

School of Fashion celeberated “Khadi Day” on 4th October 2017at K.R. Mangalam Universityto create awareness about Khadi and to cherish ourselves ...

Guest Lecture on Engineered Bamboo Structures A Beginning towards Sustainable Construction

Date - 03-Oct-2017

The School of Architecture & Planning conducted a guest lecture on “Engineered Bamboo Structures: A Beginning towards Sustainable Constru...

Guest Lecture Preparing Budding Managers for Digital World By Saket Srivastava

Date - 25-Sep-2017

The School of Management and Commerce conducted a guest lecture on “Preparing Budding Managers for Digital World” for the students of B.Com(H), BB...

Demonstration on Fabrication and working of 3D printer

Date - 25-Sep-2017

Department of Mechanical Engineering, SOETorganized ademonstrationon“Fabrication and working of 3D printer” on 25thSeptember 2017, in Robotics Lab...