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Presentation on BIM

Presentation on BIM (Building Information Modeling)
By Dr. John Rogers
Thursday, 8th March, 2018 at A-213, K.R. Mangalam University.

Dr. John Rogers, Director of the Malaysian chapter of building SMART and Roamef, works primarily to propagate the digitalizing of the built environment. He is an assistant Professor at Heriot-Watt University and leads development of AI and VR systems.

John Rogers covered the following points in the presentation:

  • 1. What is BIM?
  • 2. How BIM is impacting built environment and construction industry?
  • 3. BIM in UK and Malaysia.
  • 4. BIM and a digital future.

He explained BIM as a process in which there is clear understanding of the built form overlapped with structural elements and services. This includes documentation and graphical and non-graphical data. The softwares that are currently being used for BIM are Revit, Ecotect and AutoCAD. In the efficiency triangle for projects where Time, Cost and Quality are on the three vertices, BIM helps improve the efficiency by improving the scope, time, cost and quality of the project.

He also elaborated on the countries that are already using BIM. UK has already started standardizing the processes involved in becoming BIM compatible. There are standards emerging worldwide for BIM compatibility. Singapore has started the process. One map for Singapore, BIMOBJECT, NBS developed by RIBA are examples of websites that are already using BIM.
Dr. John Rogers concluded by saying that BIM is a future enabler and can be used in automated sites, 3D printing and in the execution of smart cities.

He also appreciated KRMU campus and boarding facilities and was delighted to see the students’ enthusiastic response for BIM.



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