Faculty Profile

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Ar. Indrani Ghoshal Basu

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Designation :

Professor & Dean


  • M. Eng. ( Construction Eng. & Management), 1998 – University of Alberta, Canada
  • B. Arch., 1990 -  Bengal Engineering College , Shibpur, (presently IIEST) University of Calcutta 
Work Experience

  • 1990 – 1994 – Ghosh Bose & Associates, Calcutta                                                     Architect
  • 1999 – 2000 – Vastu Kala Academy                                                                             Lecturer
  • 2001 – 2002 – Centre for Rural Development & Technology, IIT Delhi                         Project Associate
  • 2006 – 2008 – Amity School of Architecture & Planning, Amity Univ., Noida               Lecturer
  • 2008 – 2012 – Sushant School of Art & Architecture                                                   Senior Lecturer
  • 2012 – 2016 – School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi                                      Visiting Professor
  • 2016 –   School of Architecture & Planning - K R Mangalam University, Gurgaon       Professor & Dean

Ar. Indrani Ghoshal Basu, Professor and Dean at the School of Architecture & Planning (SOAP), K R Managalam University. After obtaining B.Arch. degree from B. E. College (presently IIEST), University of Calcutta, she worked for Ghosh Bose & Associates in Calcutta for a period of four years as an architect, where she was involved in design and planning of various projects. Subsequently she obtained M. Eng. in Construction Engineering & Management from the Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada, in the year 1998. She has  more than 25 years of experience in academics (16 years) as well as professional practice. Previously, she has also taught at the Vastukala Academy, New Delhi, Amity School of Architecture and Planning, Amity University, Noida and Sushant School of Art & Architecture, Gurgaon. She has carried out project work at the Centre for Rural Development & Technology (CRDT) at IIT Delhi, where she worked on the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization (MGIRI): Revamping of the Jamnalal Bajaj Central Research Institute (JBCRI) at Wardha. She was specifically involved in coordination of design & construction of infrastructure at JBCRI, Wardha; and research on alternative building materials and technologies. She has also taught at various reputed schools of architecture as visiting faculty, such as, School of Planning & Architecture (SPA), New Delhi, USAP, GGSIP University, New Delhi, Dept. of Arch., Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi. She is a life member of Council of Architecture.


  • Climate Responsive Architecture, Energy Efficient Buildings, Green Building & Eco-habitat.
  • Building Science
  • Construction technology, construction management
Professional Projects / Professional Achievements

  1. Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization (MGIRI): Revamping of the Jamnalal Bajaj Central Research Institute (JBCRI) at Wardha.
  2. Permanent Capital Complex at Dispur, Guwahati (Competition Design).
  3. Cultural Complex at Shantiniketan (Competition Design)
  4. Development of Calcutta Port Trust land at Boat Canal Area for IRCC.
  5. Housing for Officers of State Bank of India in Zonal Office Complex at Varanasi.
  6. Zonal Office Building for State Bank of India at Purnea.  
  7. Fayek, A., Ghoshal, I., AbouRizk, S., “A survey of the bidding practices of Canadian civil 
  8. engineering construction contractors”, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 26 13-25 (1999)
  9. Ghoshal, I. and Fayek, A., “Report on the Univ. of Alberta’s investigative study into the bidding  Practices  of Canadian civil engineering contractors”, Technical Report, Dept. of Civil and Envir. Eng., Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta