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Prof (Dr) Subhash C Gupta

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Pro Vice Chancellor


Prof. (Dr.) Subhash C Gupta, Ph D in Law and Ph D in Management, is a recipient of WORLD 2000 MILLENIUM AWARD conferred by World Institution Building Program – an affiliate of UN, ECOSOC, UNDP, UNCED, and UNICEF. His education in Delhi University includes LLM (1st Division, with Distinction)and LLB from Campus Law Center, MBA (1st Division with Distinction) from Faculty of Management Studies, MA in Political Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Law of International Law, (1st Division 2nd Position) Post Graduate Diploma in Law of International Institutions (1st Division 1st Position). In addition, he has a Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Laws from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. He also done courses on International Humanitarian Law & Refugee Law organized by UNHCR, and on Contemporary International Issues from JNU.

Work Experience

Dr. Gupta is very widely travelled and has participated with paper presentations in several international Conferences. Some of the important Conferences and training programs in which he participated are (i) Chairman of the Commission, “Protection of the Staff of Humanitarian Organizations”, International Meeting of the Red Cross officers responsible for implementation of international humanitarian law, Geneva, Switzerland, 1997; (ii) Coordinator of the V Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the International Federation of Red Cross Societies, Geneva, Switzerland, 97-98; (iii) Chief of the IRCS Relief Mission during Indian Peace Keeping Force operation in northern peninsula of Sri Lanka 5/87 to 11/88, Sri Lanka; (iv) Repporteur of the Disaster Relief Commission, IV Asia and Pacific Conference of Red Cross Societies, Beijing, China, 1993; (v)Plenary Session Speaker at the Higher Education Summit on the theme “Public & Private Financing of Higher Education: Equity & Access” at FICCI, 2006, New Delhi, India; (vi) Presented at the Queens’ University Belfast and University of Dublin, Northern Ireland, UK, 2006, a Paper entitled “Exodus within Borders: Kashmir- a Case Study” (vii) Presented at the XVI World Congress of the International Political Science Association, Seoul, Korea, 1997 a Paper entitled “HIV, Law and Human Rights”; (viii) Teaching Methodologies and Curriculum Development, , University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 2005; (ix) Basic Training Course, , Hamburg, Germany,1998; (x) Health Emergencies in Large Populations, , Honolulu, USA,1998; (xi) Leadership Course, two weeks, June 1998, Geneva, Switzerland; (xii) International Heritage Law, Katmandu, Nepal, 1998; (xiii)Information-Dissemination Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1997; (xiii)Community Based Disaster Preparedness, Kun Ming, China 1997.
Before joining as Pro-Vice Chancellor of K R Mangalam University, Dr Gupta was Founder Dean, School of Law, G D Goenka University and Director of the University Institute of Law & Management Studies, Maharshi Dayanand University.



Dr. Gupta has also done special courses on Successful Negotiations from University of Michigan, USA; Art of Negotiations from University of California, Irvine, USA; Unethical Decision Making in Organizations, from University of Lausanne, Switzerland; International Organization Management, from University of Geneva, Switzerland; Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society, from University of Pennsylvania, USA; International Business from University of New Mexico, USA; Property and Liability from Wesleyan University, USA; The Changing Global Order, from University of Leiden, Hague, Holland; Terrorism and Counter Terrorism, from University of Leiden, Hague, Holland; and Conditions of War and Peace, from University of Tokyo, Japan.


  • Dr. Gupta was involved in drafting of several laws, particularly the Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management Act, 1993, and the Transplantation of Human Organ Act, 1994, by the Government of India. His publications include Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property Rights, 2008; Handbook of Global Legal Policy, Marcel Dekker Inc., New York, 1999; India Disaster Report, 1997, OXFAM India Trust; Capital Punishment, 2000; Capital Punishment in India, 1985; United Nations Organization, 1996. He also wrote a regular column “From the Court Room” in Indian Management.
    Dr Gupta’s expertise is in law and procedure related to alternate dispute resolution methods. He is an accredited Panel Arbitrator with several public sector undertakings in India. Dr Gupta has been Group “A” Panel Advocate in the Supreme Court of India, and Senior Arbitration Counsel of the Government of India.