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Dr. Brijesh Kumar Dean Academics and Dean SOET

1.Computer Networks and Simulation.

2.Free and Open Source Software.

3. Web Technologies .


brijesh.k@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr.Ranjit Verma Associate Professor
  • Microstrip Patch Antenna
  • Metamaterial

Apart from these Dr Varma has the experience of setting up Microwave Lab...

ranjit.v@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Umesh Kumar Associate Professor
  • Waste Heat Recovery in Industries.
  • Buildings Design.
  • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning.
umesh.k@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Neeraj Gupta Associate Professor

1.      Computer Networks especially Ad Hoc Networks

2.      Performance Analysis of Wi...

neeraj.gupta@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Parneeta Dhaliwal Associate Professor

1.      Data Structure and Algorithms

2.      Computer Architecture

3. &...

parneeta.d@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Asha Sohal Associate Professor

1. Computer Networks.

2. Operating Systems.

3. Mobile ADhoc Networks.

4. Computer Graphics..

5. C...

asha.sohal@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor
  • Highway designing
  • Traffic engineering
  • Evaluation and Strengthening of Concrete Structures
sunil.k@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Rishabh Arora Assistant Professor
  • Structural Analysis & Design
  • Suspension and Arch Bridges
  • Concrete and Steel
  • Evaluation and Strengtheni...
rishabh.a@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Ashwani Kumar Assistant Professor
  1. Algorithms.
  2. Network Security.
  3. Theory of Computation.
  4. Intrusion Detection
ashwani.kumar@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Yogita Raghav Assistant Professor
  1. Mobile Adhoc Networks
  2. Database Management System
  3. Programming Languages
  4. Data Structures and Algorithms
  5. ...
yogita.raghav@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Apurv Dube Assistant Professor
  • Machine learning and Computer Vision
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Algorith...
apurv.dube@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Saneh Lata Assistant Professor
  1. Data Structures and Algorithms
  2. Mobile Adhoc Networks
  3. Algorithms and Design Analysis
  4. Database Management Sy...
saneh.yadav@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Kriti Sharma Assistant Professor
  • Computer Networks and Cryptography.
  • Computer Organization and Architecture.
  • E-Learning.
kriti.s@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Charu Singh Assistant Professor
  • Wireless Communication
  • Optical Communicatio
  • Digital Communication
Charusingh1301@gmail.com Detail
Vineet Dahiya Assistant Professor
  • Renewable Energy
  • Power system
Vineet.dahiya@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Puja Acharya Assistant Professor

·         Wireless Communication
·         Opt...

puja.acharya@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Shilpa Mehta Assistant Professor
  1. Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits
  2. Wireless Communication
  3. VLSI
  4. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Shilpa.mehta@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Minakshi Katoch Assistant Professor
  • Renewable Energy Studies.
  • Power System.
minakshi.katoch@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Ruchi Yadav Assistant Professor
  •    Basic Electrical Engineering
  •    Power System
  •   Renewable Ene...
ruchi.yadav@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. S.K. Yadav Assistant Professor
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Thermodynamics
  • ...
Surendra.yadav@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Arvind Kumar Assistant Professor
  • Strength of Materials
  • Computer aided Design
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Non -Conventi...
arvind.kumar@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Ajay Assistant Professor
  • CAD/CAM, Sheet Metal Forming
  • Refrigeration &  Air-Conditioning
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Industria...
ajay.r@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Virendra Kumar Assistant Professor
  1. Design and development of supersonic ejector system.
  2. Fluid Mechanics and machines
  3. Turbomachinery
  4. Gas Dynam...
virendra.k@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Sarah Khan Assistant Professor
  • Water and waste water treatment technologies
  • Climate Change
  • Highway Engineering
sarah.khan@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Manish Kumar Assistant Professor
  1. Geotechnical  Engineering
  2. Highway & Transportation Engineering
  3. Mining
manish.kumar@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
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Dr. Ruchika Yadav Assistant Professor
  1. HRM- Organisational Behaviour, Strategic HRM, Training & Development, Industrial Relations & Labour Laws.
  2. Marketing &nda...
ruchika.yadav@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Richa Nangia Assistant Professor
  • “Human Resource Development ...
richanangia@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Abhilasha Dudeja Assistant Professor ... abhilasha.dudeja@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Kshama Sharma Assistant Professor
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Strategic Management
kshama.s@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Meghna Chhabra Assistant Professor
  • Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship
  • Investment Management
  • Taxation
  • Accountancy
meghna.chhabra@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Lavesh Mishra Assistant Professor
  • Research Methodology and Business Research Methods
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales and Distribution Management
  • ...
lavesh.mishra@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Gurbir S Khera Assistant Professor
  • Corporate Finance, International Finance
  • Corporate Governance, Finance & Competitive Intelligence
  •  Mergers &...
gurbir.khera@krmagalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Rashmi Jain Assistant Professor ... rashmi.jain@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Anita Sharma Assistant Professor
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Financial Inclusion
anita.s@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
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Ar. Indrani Ghoshal Basu Professor
  1. Climate Responsive Architecture, Energy Efficient Buildings, Green Building & Eco-habitat.
  2. Building Science
  3. Const...
indranigbasu@gmail.com Detail
Ar. Vinod Patil Associate Professor

1.      Transfer of Development Rights TDR-Success & Failure.

2.      Informal Sect...

vinod.p@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
  • I have always portrayed 2 essential concerns in my work:
  • The future of cultural heritage in the face of exponential urbanization...
hemagagi2010@hotmail.com Detail
Ar. Pankaj Dhayal Assistant Professor
  1. Sustainable development
  2. Community participation projects
  3. Water resource management.
pankajdhayal@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ar. Shanu Jain Assistant Professor
  1. Illegal and Informal Housing
  2. Land Laws
  3. Sustainable development
shanu.j@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ar. Akanksha Singh Assistant Professor
  • Rural Planning
  • Vernacular Architecture
  • Sustainable Architecture 
akanksha.singh@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ar. Nisha Sharma Assistant Professor
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Interior Designing
  • Planning
Nisha.sharma@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ar. Anshika Agarwal Assistant Professor
  • Residential Neighbourhood Planning & Development
  • Urban Design Interventons
  • Vernacular Architecture
anshika.agarwal@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ar. Nidhi Agarwal Assistant Professor
  1. Sustainable Architecture
  2. Standardization in Green technology
  3. Green Roofs
nidhi.a@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ar. Shivani Singh Assistant Professor
  • Rural Planning
  • Vernacular Architecture
  • Graphic Design
shivani.s@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Sujith Sudhakaran Assistant Professor ... sujith.s@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
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Dr. Rajeshwar S Tyagi Professor & Dean

1.      Applications of Information Technology in Health and Education

2.      Molecula...

Rajeshwar.t@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Meena Bhandari Associate Professor ... meena.bhandari @krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Romila Manchanda Associate Professor
  1. Nanotechnology for cancer applications
  2. Sustained Drug delivery systems.
  3. Trigger release of drugs using by different m...
romila.m@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Pawan Kumar Associate Professor
  • Materials Science
  • Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
  • Electrical, Thermal and Magneto-transport properties of Manga...
p.kumar@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Krishna Kumar Associate Professor
  • Writing a book for the students of B. Tech. (Applied Mathematics) which is as per their course curriculum.
  • Attend Conferences an...
krishna.kumar@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Diwakar Padalia Associate Professor

1.      Fabrication and characterization of Dielectric polymer composite.

2.      Fabri...

diwakar.padalia@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Sangeeta Agrawal Assistant Professor
  1. Synthetic inorganic and material Chemistry
  2. Organometallic Chemistry
  3. Spectroscopy
  4. Nanotechnology
sangeeta.a@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Ravendra Singh Assistant Professor
  1. Engineering Mathematics
  2. Differential Equation
  3. Numerical Analysis
  4. Operation Research
  5. Business St...
ravendra.s@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Anoop Kumar Vashisth Assistant Professor
  1. Numerical Methods
  2. Engineering Mathematics
  3. Fluid Mechanics, 
anoop.kv@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Anupama Dixit Assistant Professor
  • Mathematical Programming
  • Fluid Dynamics
anupama.dixit@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Jyotsna Sharma Assistant Professor
  1. Electrostatic and Electromagnetic waves in dusty plasmas
  2. Instabilities in ECR ion source.
  3. Interaction of ion beams wi...
jyotsna.s@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Dilraj Preet Kaur Assistant Professor
  1. Polymer Electrolytes, Solid state and Quasi-solid state electrolytes for lithium batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors etc.
  2. Ion...
dilraj.k@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Seema Raj Assistant Professor
  1. Utilization of Fly ash for plant growth
  2. Biodiesel
  3. Organic synthesis
  4. Environmental Safety 
seema.raj@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Mr. Chandra Mohan Assistant Professor


  1. Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Engineering Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry
  2. O...
chandra.mohan@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Pooja Vats Assistant Professor
  1. Published a paper “On Certain Difference Sequence Spaces” in International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Tec...
pooja.vats@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Venuka Sandhir Assistant Professor
  1. Modeling and Simulation
  2. Computational Techniques
  3. Graph Theory
venuka.sandhir@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
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Prof. (Dr.) Arun Garg Professor & Dean

1.      Pharmacological Screening of Herbal & poly herbal Drugs,         ...

arun.garg@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Pankaj Gupta Assistant Professor
  1. Pharmacognosy
  2. Phytochemistry
  3. Ocular Pharmacology
  4. Angiogenesis
  5. Anticataract
  6. Marine Na...
pankaj.gupta@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Jb. Senthil Assistant Professor
  1. Chemical Neuroscience
  2. Medicinal Chemistry
  3. Synthetic Methodology Development  
j.b.senthil@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Aashish Sharma Assistant Professor
  • Peptide/Drug/ Gene D...
aashish.s@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Renuka Rajora Assistant Professor
  1. Nanotechnology
  2. Drug Delivery system
  3. Pharmaceutics
renuka.r@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Silky Sethy Assistant Professor

Pursuing Phd from Amity university .

She developed a Method using High Performance Liquid Chromatofraphy for  a CDRI candidate Drug ...

silky.sethy@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
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Prof (Dr) Subhash C Gupta Pro Vice Chancellor

Dr. Gupta was involved in drafting of several laws, particularly the Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management Act, 1993, and...

provc@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Priyanka Maderna Assistant Professor
  1. Business law
  2. Intellectual property Rights
  3. Property law
  4. Family Law
priyanka.maderna@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Mahima Kaushik Assistant Professor
  • Law of Contract
  • Business law
  • Corporate governance
  • Consumer Protection
mahimakaushik@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Archana Vashishth Assistant Professor
  • Supervised One Ph.D. thesis on Topic: - A Note On Various Criminal Laws & Antidumping (2013).
  • Supervised Research for L.L.M ...
archana.vashishth@krmangalamuniversity Detail
Dr. Inderpreet Kaur Saggu Assistant Professor
  • Presented paper on “Organised Crime and Criminal Justice Reform” in Tata School of Social Sciences, Mumbai.
  • Done pap...
inderpreet.kaur@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Anupama Gupta Assistant Professor
  1. Feasibility of Juvenile Justice System In India , published in Mewar Journal of law -2013 ,ISNN No. 0973-8800
  2. Irretrievable Brea...
anupamagupta@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Kaveri Sharma Assistant Professor
  1. Criminal Laws
  2. Family Laws
kaverisharma@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Sulakshana Banerjee Assistant Professor
  • Jurisprudence
  • Laws related to women
  • Contract Act.
sulakshana.b.m@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
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Prof (Dr.) Omana Antony Professor & Dean
  • Research Guide
  • Awarded Ph.D Degree for one scholar
  • Working with the Delhi University Coordinator on the MHRD sponsore...
omana.antony@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Bhavna Sharma Assistant Professor
  • Australian Poetry.
  • American Literature.
  • Children’s fiction.
  • Indian Writings.
bhavna.sharma@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Komal Yadav Assistant Professor
  1. Micro Economics
  2. International Economics
  3. Macro Economics
  4. Public Economics
  5. Agriculture Economics<...
komal.y@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Kusum Assistant Professor
  1. English Literature;  British Modern Fiction
  2. Business Communication Skills
kusum.gulia@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Dr. Kanu Priya Pathik Assistant Professor
  • 9 Jakhoo Hill: Deciphering the Middle Class Culture published in The Literati- A Peer Reviewed Journal of Languages & ...
kanupriya@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Mouli Chowdhury Assistant Professor
  • British Literature and Cultural studies.
mouli.chowdhury@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Sapna Sharma Assistant Professor
  • Indian writings
  • Communication Skills 
sapna.sharma@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Indu Rani Assistant Professor
  • Personality Psychology
  • Indian Writing in English
  • Business Communication
indu.rani@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
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Dr. Kumar Rajyavardhan Assistant Professor

1.Theories of Mass Communication

2.Television Journalism

3.Intercultural Communication

4.Media Research


vardhan.reporter@gmail.com Detail
Ms. Manasvi Maheshwari Assistant Professor

1.Media Research, Media Management

2.Corporate Communications


manasvi.m@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Ms. Shikha Sharma Assistant Professor
  • Film Making
  • Script writing
  • Photography
  • Organising Events and Fests
  • Theatre and Street Play ...
shikha.sharma@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
Charu Chandra Pathak Assistant Professor
  • Cinema Studies & Film Production
  • TV, Video and Radio Production
  • Media Research
charu.p@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
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Ms. Sapna Singh Assistant Professor
  1. Innovative Textiles
  2. Nano textiles
  3. Advanced Pattern Making
  4. Computer Aided Machine for Garment manufacturing...
sapna.s@krmangalam.edu.in Detail
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Dr. Prakash Channdra Jena Associate Professor

Supervised the dissertation work of 20 M.Phill, 30 M.Ed students and 03 Students are persuing research for their Ph.D. degree and his teaching,and ...

drpcjena@gmail.com Detail
Manju Kundu Assistant Professor
  • Attended National Seminar Organized by Department of law, BPSMV, Sonipat and presented a paper titled “Domestic violence in India&rdq...
manju.kundu@krmangalam.edu.in Detail