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Transforming the Architecture Education with Virtual Reality

Guest Lecture on “Transforming the Architecture Education with Virtual Reality” by Ar. MayurKarodia
Date: March 14, 2018.
Venue: A-213, K. R.Mangalam University

School of Architecture and Planning (SOAP) had successfully organized a guest lecture on Virtual Reality: Transforming the Architecture Education with Virtual Realityon 14thMarch, 2018 at K.R.Mangalam University which witnessed an enthusiastic response from students as well as faculties in the discipline of architecture.

The speaker for the session was Ar. MayurKarodia, architect and Co-founder of OutsiteVR& an alumnus of India’s one of theprestigious Institute, IIT Roorkee is an Architect turned Virtual Reality Expert.He isintegrating Virtual Reality in Architecture Education System to transform learningprocess into more experiential and interactive. He has been invited to numerous VR workshops and lectures organised acrossIndia including IIT Roorkee, NIT Trichy, 59th Annual NASA Convention, etc. The session started at 11.30 amwith introduction and welcome of the speaker and all attending the lecture.

In his lecture Ar. MayurKarodia discussed about concept of virtual reality(VR). He highlighted the following:,

  • Role of virtual reality in architecture
  • Benefits of using VR by architects
  • Implications of VR in architecture
  • How VR is different from 3ds, walkthroughs
  • VR softwares available in market
  • Why VR is important
  • His works at OutsiteVR.
  • Transforming the Architecture Education with Virtual Reality

Through his work, Ar. MayurKarodia conveys that merging the physical and virtual world adds an experiential perspective in learning process & to create humanized experiences for a better world.

At the end there was a VR experiencing session by using VR gadgets. In this session all participants one by one had a personal VR experience by using the VR gadgets provided by the team.

It was a learning and interactive session where Mr. MayurKarodia answered to all the queries put up by students to their full satisfaction.



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