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August 2018

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School of Fashion organized an Industrial and Academic Visit to Asmara Apparels India Ltd. (design & buying house) 378 Udyog Vihar Phase 2 | Gurgaon on 27 August, 2018. Students of III and V semester along with faculty members Mr. Neeraj Kumar Yadav & Ms. Rashika Kaushal visited the Industry. The Students were received by Ms. Sneha (H.R., Asmara Apparels). H.R. department of the company walked us through their different departments and workshop to orient us with the working of the company. Asmara Apparels Limited is a leading company in apparel &

REPORT on FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM at KSSEM, Bengaluru The 5 days Faculty development Program(27th Aug 2018-31st Aug 2018) held at KSSEM, Bengaluru was structured by COA on Design Inclusive for Children (towards a more inclusive built environment) as a journey, from start to end, of the study of child friendly Architecture. All the five days were designed with different themes which ultimately led to enlightenment. It was attended by two faculty members of SOAP Ar. Shivani Singh & Ar. Akanksha Singh. This workshop explores the design & the layout of the physical

The School of Architecture & Planning organised a workshop on vaults, domes and arches on 27.08.2018. It was attended by 1st year students with the purpose to understand the working of an Arch, Vaults, Domes and Shell Structure. The University opened this platform for outside faculties and students of various universities. Prof. (Dr) Suresh Vaidya Rajan, senior academician delivered a lecture on basic concept of construction of arches and domes. The historical timeline of these building elements and techniques were discussed with the help of various existing building examples. In

School of Journalism and Mass Communication organised an educational visit to see Wild Life Photography exhibitionat DLF Promenade, Delhi on14th August 2018, for BA(JMC) students.The Exhibition was presented by Prasenjeet Gautam . The Exhibition showcased many Photographs reflecting the theme of wildlife Photography in monochromatic hue with the projection of more than 100 photographs. The Exhibitionbrings out the best of the images of the photography experts apart from the Prasenjeet’s work which includes the renowned photographers like Ravi Dhingra, AjayJain, Amit Pasricha, Vivek Singh and many more. Some of the highlights of

The School of Architecture and Planning conducted a guest lecture on“Technological and Digital Advancement in Architecture”by Ar. Raja Hari Chandar T. (INNONYM PVT. LTD.)on 14th August 2018. During his presentation Ar. Raja Hari Chandar T. spoke about advance software like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Hologram.In this guest lecture student learned software tools along with laser-based recording systems. Around 45 students from 9th &7th Semester, School of architecture and Planning, K.R. Mangalam University, attended this workshop. Ar. Raja Hari Chandar T. told studentsabout applications for lasers, computers, and visual-display technologies and software


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