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A way forward to Innovations, Inventions and Cultivation of Talents in South Asian Countries

Prof. Arti Koul Kachroo Dean School of Education participated in Presidents’ Forum of South Asain countries Wuhan in China. The theme of the Forum was “Enjoying Friendship as Close Neighbours and Promoting Collaborations in Higher Education”. The sub–topics were “Establishing an Inter-School Alliance and jointly Cultivating Talents” and “Promoting Educational Cooperation and Serving Economic Development”. Prof. Koul presented a paper on “Collaboration in Higher Education: A way forward to Innovations, Inventions and cultivation of Talents in South Asian Countries”. The Forum provided a platform for the Universities in South Asian Countries and Hubei Province to share the concepts and latest practices, to consolidate existing good relationships, to develop a long term collaboration mechanism and to promote in–depth cooperation in talent cultivation, scientific research and cultural exchange.


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