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Faculty Name Designation Department Specialization  
Dr. Ranjit Verma Professor & Dean Academics EEE & ECE Microstrip Patch Antenna,Metamaterial and Microwaves Details
Dr. Ram Kinkar Pandey Professor & Dean CSE Mangement Information Systems, Computer Graphics, Network Security & Cryptography Details
Mr. S.K. Yadav Asst Professor ME Manlluevestical & Numerical Analysis of two stage Ejectore, Supersonics flow Details
Mr. Arvind Kumar Asst Professor ME Mechanical Design Details
Dr. Neeraj Gupta Asso Professor CSE Mobile adhoc Networks, Query theory, Virtualization Details
Ms. Asha Sohal Asst Professor CSE Mobile Adhoc Networks, cloud Computing and fog Computing Details
Mr. Ashwani Kumar Asst Professor CSE Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning Details
Ms. Yogita Raghav Asst Professor CSE Database systems & Adhoc Newworks Details
Mr. Apurv Dube Asst Professor CSE Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Details
Ms. Saneh Lata Asst Professor CSE Wireless Sensor Networks analysis & Design of Algoithems Details
Ms. Puja Acharya Asst Professor ECE Optical Communication & Wireless Communication Details
Ms. Minakshi Katoch Asso Professor EEE Power System, Renewable Energy Studies, Control system Details
Ms. Kriti Sharma Asst. Professor CSE Computer Network, E-Learning, Computer Network, Security & crytography, Algorithm Designing & analysis Details
Mr. Rishabh Arora Asst. Professor CE Structural Engineering Details
Dr. Virendra Kumar Asst. Professor ME Thermo-fluide, Fluid power, CFD, Ejector Design, Analysis Details
Ms. Sarah Khan Asst. Professor CE Environmental Engineering Details
Mr. Manish Kumar Asst. Professor CE Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg., Slope stability, Highway Engg. Details
Ms. Gauri Aglave Asst. Professor CE Water resources & Environmental Engg. Details
Mr. Vineet Dahiya Asst. Professor EEE Wind Energy Conversion System, Power system & Drivers Details
Mr. Naveen Maheshwari Asst. Professor CE Structural Engineering Details
Ms. Surbhi Bhatia Asst. Professor CSE Data Mining, Machine Learning, Database Systems Details
Dr. Anju Bala Asso Professor CE Water Resources Mgmt., Remote Sensing & GIS, Grand water recharge Details
Ms. Charu Singh Asst. Professor ECE Wireless Communication Details
Ms. Anjali Singh Asst. Professor CSE Operating System/ Software Engg. & Cloud Computing Details
Dr. Kaushal Kumar Asso. Professor ME Thermal and Manufacturing Details
Faculty Name Designation Department Specialization  
Prof. Vijay Anand Dubey Professor & Dean Management Operations, Costing, Strategy Mangement Details
Dr. Ruchika Yadav Asso Professor Management Human Resource, Marketing Details
Ms. Rashmi Jain Asst Professor Management Accounts, Finance, Micro-finance, Women Empowerment Details
Mr. Lavesh Mishra Asst Professor Management Marketing, Research Methodology Details
Dr. Richa Nangia Asso Professor Management Human resource Details
Dr. Kshama Sharma Asst. Professor Management Economics Details
Ms. Anita Sharma Asst. Professor Management Finance and Accounts Details
Mr. Gurbir Singh Khera Asst. Professor Management Corporate finance,International finance, financial derivatives, managerial economics, business law & corporate Governance Details
Dr. Avjeet Kaur Asst. Professor Management Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Human Resource, General Wages Law Details
Ms. Anshika Prakash Asst. Professor Management Human Resource, Mangement & Marketing, OB, Compensation Management, T & D, HRD , IR Details
Faculty Name Designation Department Specialization  
Ms. Indrani Ghoshal Basu Professor & Dean Architecture Construction technology, Construction management, Climate Responsive Architecture, Energy Efficient Buildings Details
Ms. Hemani Singh Professor Architecture History & Theory of Arch.(Arch, Building & Planning) Details
Mr. Vinod Patil Asso Professor Architecture Uraban Design Details
Mr. Praveen gupta Asso. Professor Architecture Sustainable Architecture & Disaster Management Details
Ms. Shanu Jain Asso. Professor Architecture Housing Details
Ms. Nidhi Aggarwal Asst. Professor Architecture Building Science & Technology, Sustainable & Green Buildings Details
Ms. Shivani Singh Asst. Professor Architecture Urban & Regional Planning, Interior Transit oriented development Details
Ms. Akanksha Singh Asst. Professor Architecture Architectural Conservation and Sustainable Architecture Details
Ms. Anshika Aggarwal Asst. Professor Architecture Urban Design Details
Mr. Pankaj Dhayal Asst Professor Architecture Sustainable Architecture & Resource Management Details
Mr. Sujith Sudhakaran Asst. Professor Architecture Fine Arts (SCULPTURE) Details
Ms. Nisha Sharma Asst. Professor Architecture Interior of Sustanable Architecture Details
Faculty Name Designation Department Specialization  
Dr. Meena Bhandari Asso Professor & Acting Dean Chemistry Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry Details
Dr. Diwakar Padalia Asso Professor Physics Polymer Nano Composites, Dieluctric & Magnetic Details
Dr. Krishna Kumar Asso Professor Mathematics Realiability theory Details
Dr. Jyotsna Sharma Asso Professor Physics Plasma Physics, ECR Ion Source Instabilities Details
Dr. Romila Manchanda Asso Professor Chemistry Nanobiotechnology Details
Mr. Vidur Malik Asso Professor Mathematics Kleinian and Fuchsian Groups, Riemannian Geometry, Teichmüller Spaces, History and pedagogy of mathematics Details
Ms. Venuka Sandhir Asst Professor Mathematics Graph Theory Details
Dr. Chandra Mohan Asst Professor Chemistry Inorganic Chemisty, Applied chemisty, Electro Chemical Sensors, Biosensors Catalysis Details
Ms. Pooja Vats Asst Professor Mathematics Real Analysis, Linear Algebra Details
Dr. Pawan Kumar Asst Professor Physics Solid state Physics, Materials Science Details
Dr. Seema Raj Asst Professor Chemistry Organic Chemistry, Biodiesel from Waste, Environmental Biotech Details
Dr. Ravendra Singh Asst. Professor Mathematics Bio Mathematics, Applied Mathematics Details
Dr. Anoop Kumar Vashisth Asst. Professor Mathematics Applied Mathematics Details
Dr. Dilraj Preet Kaur Asst. Professor Physics Solid State Ionics, Material Science, Condensed Matter Physics Details
Dr. Shilpi Vats Asst. Professor Chemistry Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Details
Dr. Nidhi Gaur Asst. Professor Physics Astrophysics Details
Dr. Ruby Jindal Asst. Professor Physics Material Science, Study of Pnononproperties Details
Dr. Rajni Gautam Asst. Professor Physics Semiconductor Devices, Modelling & Simulation, GAA MOSFET, Sensors Details
Dr. Yogendra Kumar Rajoria Asst. Professor Mathematics Inventory Control Details
Dr. Rahul Boadh Asst. Professor Mathematics Numerical Modelling Details
Dr. Sangeeta Kanakraj Asst. Professor Chemistry Organic Chemistry, Biodiesel Research, Environmental Chemistry Details
Mr. Mukul Raizada Asst. Professor Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry, Co-ordination Chemistry Details
Faculty Name Designation Department Specialization  
Dr. Saahil Arora Professor-Pharmaceutics Pharmacy Pharmacology Details
Dr. Arun Garg Professor & Dean Pharmacy Pharmacology Details
Dr. Nitin Kumar Professor Pharmacy Pharma Chemistry Details
Dr. Pankaj Gupta Asst Professor Pharmacy Pharmacognosy Details
Ms. Silky Sethy Asso Professor Pharmacy Pharma Chemistry Details
Dr. J.B. Senthil Asst Professor Pharmacy Pharma Chemistry Details
Dr. Aashish Sharma Asst. Professor Pharmacy Ph Analysis/ Chemistry Details
Dr. Shrestha Sharma Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Details
Md. Sabir Alam Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Details
Ms. Pritee Gupta Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Details
Mr. Vinod Kumar Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharma Chemistry Details
Dr. Anuradha V Pai Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharmacology Details
Ms. Harshita Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Details
Dr. Abul Barkat Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharmacognosy Details
Mr. Pankaj Vyas Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharmacology Details
Ms. Jayamanti Pandit Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Details
Mr. Sunil Kumar Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharmaceutical chemistry Details
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Asst. Professor Pharmacy Pharmacology Details
Faculty Name Designation Department Specialization  
Dr. Som Dutt Asso Professor & Acting Dean LAW Corporates, Environmenta Business Laws Details
Dr. Kaveri Sharma Asst Professor LAW Criminal Laws & Family Laws Details
Ms. Sulakshana Banerjee Asst. Professor LAW Criminology, Penology & Victimology Women & Law Details
Dr. Inderpreet Kaur Asst. Professor LAW Human Rights and Criminal Laws Details
Dr. Archana Vashishth Asst. Professor LAW Civil procedure Law/ Property Law/ Land Laws Details
Dr. Kavita chawla Asst. Professor LAW LAW Corporates & Business Laws Details
Mr. S.K Bose Asst. Professor LAW Administrative law, Consitutional Law, Private Int. Law, Meritine Law Details
Ms. Bhavana Chandramani Dhoundiyal Asst. Professor LAW Intellectual Property rights, Women & Child law, Human rights & International Humanitarian Law Details
Mr. Sumit Agarwala Asst. Professor LAW Corporate and Commercial Law Details
Faculty Name Designation Department Specialization  
Dr. Omana Antony Professor ENGLISH English Literature Details
Ms. Sapna Sharma Asst Professor ENGLISH Indian Writing in English Details
Ms. Indu Rani Asst Professor ENGLISH British literature Details
Ms. Komal Yadav Asst. Professor ECONOMICS Economics Details
Ms. Mouli Chowdhury Asst. Professor ECONOMICS Cultural Studies, Specified to Subltern & Gender Studies Details
Ms. Kanupriya Asst. Professor ECONOMICS feminism, Autobiographical writings and gender Studies Details
Dr. Bhavna Sharma Asst. Professor ECONOMICS Australian Poetry, american Literature Details
Dr. Pooja Asst. Professor ECONOMICS Development Economics Macro Economics, International Economics Details
Ms. Shalini Pallavi Asst. Professor ENGLISH Indian literature, Post colonial English literature Details
Ms. Priyanka Redhu Asst. Professor ENGLISH Post Colonial Literature Cultural Studies Details
Ms. Megha Gupta Asst. Professor ENGLISH British & Indian literature Details
Ms. Richa Agarwal Asst. Professor ECONOMICS Economics, Business Economics, Management Marketing Details
Faculty Name Designation Department Specialization  
Dr. Kiran Bala Professor and Dean SJMC Business Management , Journalistic Works Details
Dr. Manasvi Maheshwari Asst. Professor BJMC Advertising, Public Relations, Media Management Details
Ms. Shikha Sharma Asst. Professor BJMC TV & Radio Production, film Studies, Photography Details
Mr. Charu Chandra Pathak Asst. Professor BJMC Audio-visual media, Media research, TV & Radio Production Details
Ms. Ritika Saxena Asst. Professor BJMC Designing Graphics, New Media, World Media Scenario Details
Faculty Name Designation Department Specialization  
Ms. Sapna Singh Asst. Professor FASHION Textiles Technology & Garment Manufacturing Technology Details
Mr. Neeraj Yadav Asst. Professor FASHION Design Idea, Drafting & Pattern making, Design Studies, Sketching, Surface Ornamentation, Photography, Product Development, Display and Presentations Details
Ms. Rasika Kaushal Asst. Professor FASHION Apparel Design Details
Ms. Sapna Devi Asst. Professor FASHION Textile Technology & Garment Manufacturing Technology Details
Faculty Name Designation Department Specialization  
Dr. Arti Koul Kachroo Professor & Dean Education Guidance and Counselling Pedagogy of English Details
Ms. Manju Kundu Asst. Professor Education Psychology and Political Science Details
Dr. Prakash Chandra Jena Asso. Professor Education Educational Resource, Educational Psychology Details
Ms. Kanchan Khatreja Asst. Professor Education Mathematics, Education (ICT, Education Psychology, Inclusive Education) Details

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