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Dr. Chandra Mohan

  /    /  Dr. Chandra Mohan


  • P.G. Diploma in Higher Education, 2015-2016 from IGNOU, Delhi
  • Ph.D. pursuing (Inorganic Chemistry), w.e.f. 15th April 2010 from GGSIPU Delhi (PhD topic is Synthesis and Characterization of metal complexes and their application as chemical sensors.)
  • M.Phil.  (Inorganic Chemistry), 2007-2009 from Delhi University Delhi
  • B.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), and M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry) 2002-2007 from MDS University Ajmer

Work Experience

  •             August 2013 onwards: Assistant Professor, Department (Chemistry), K.R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon.
  •             January 2010- February 2011:   Assistant Professor, Department (Applied Sciences), HMRITM, Delhi.
  •             July 2006- April 2007:   Lecturer, Aryabhatta College, Ajmer


He is pursuing his Ph.D degree in the field of “Schiff based metal complexes and their applications as Chemical Sensors” from MAIT, GGSIPU Delhi. He has done M.Phil in Inorganic Chemistry from Delhi University and performed his research work on “Heteropoly acid intercalated clays as catalysts”. Since 2006, he has been teaching chemistry to the students of many courses like B.Sc (H) Chemistry, B.Sc (H) Maths and B.Tech students. He worked as Guest lecturer at Aryabhatta College, Ajmer. After that he taught Applied Chemistry and Engineering Chemistry to Engineering students at HMR Institute of Technology and Management, New Delhi. He joined Shivaji College, Delhi University as a Guest Lecturer, where he taught Inorganic and Organic Chemistry to B.Sc (H) students.In addition to teaching he also handled some responsibilities like Preparing Time-Table, Preparation of Question papers for internal examinations etc.

He joined K. R. Mangalam University as an Assistant Professor in Aug., 2013. He is teaching Inorganic Chemistry to B.Sc (H) Chemistry, B.Sc (H) Physics students and Environemtal Studies to BBA and B.Com students. He is also taking labs for engineering classes. He is a member of “Discipline Committee” and “Anti-Ragging Committee” of the University.

He has keen interest in research and development activities. He has about 7 years of research experience. He has published 4 papers in reputed journals and has presented 5 research papers in various conferences and workshops held in India. He is an awardee of a research fellowship from University Grant Commisiion Delhi for his Ph.D. degree. He has also applied for swiss federation fellowship for Singapore in 2009. He was also invited for a lecture from Sensor Lab, University of the Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa in the 3rd International Symposium on 26-28 May 2015. 

Interest Area(s)

  1. Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Engineering Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry
  2. Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis
  3. Synthesis of Schiff based imines and their metal complexes
  4. Chemical and biochemical sensors


  • Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Engineering Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry
  • Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis
  • Synthesis of Schiff based imines and their metal complexes
  • Chemical and biochemical sensors

Conferences/ Symposiums

  1. Chandra Mohan*(2015), Kusum Sharma, Sulekh Chandra, “Synthesis of Pb2+ and Cd2+ Complexes of semicarbazide and thiosemicarbazide based Schiff Bases and their application as Chemical Sensor”, National Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Chemical Sciences organized by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sciences Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi on 16th Dec. 2015.
  2. Chandra Mohan*(2015), Sarla Kumari, “Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Coumarins by Pechmann Reaction Using HPA Modified Clays as Catalysts”, National conference on “Recent Innovations in Applied Sciences & Humanities” (NCASH-2015) organised by Rawal Institute, Faridabad on 10th October 2015.
  3. Chandra Mohan*(2015), “Synthesis of Cu2+ and Zn2+ complexes of Thiosemicarbazide based schiff Bases and their application as Chemical sensor”, 5th International conference on ” Recent Trends in Applied Physical, Chemical Sciences, Mathematical/Statistical and Environmental Dynamics” (PCME-2015) organised by Krishi Sanskriti on 2-3 May 2015 at JNU, New Delhi.
  4. Chandra Mohan*(2015), “Heteroploy Acid intercalated Clays: A Green Catalyst for Organic Synthesis”, 4th National Conference on “Recent Advances in Chemical & Environmental Sciences” (RACES-2015) organised by Arya P.G College, Panipat on 27-28 Feb, 2015.
  5. Chandra Mohan*(2014), “Importance of Heteropolyacid intercalated clays in organic synthesis” National conference on Global competitiveness: Paradigm shift in Management, Engineering & Science at Savera Group of Institutions, Gurgaon on 27th April, 2013.
  6. Chandra Mohan*(2008), Monika Datta, “Heteropolyacid intercalated Clay: A Novel acid Catalysts”, International (Indo-Italian) Conference on Green Chemistry & Natural Products organized by University of Delhi at Delhi from 5-7 Dec. 2008.
  7. Research Workshop on How to write a Research Paper: Techniques and Skills involved organized by University School of Education, GGSIP University at Delhi from 1-2 Sep. 2011.
  8. National Workshop on Essential Oil and Aromatherapy organized by FFDC, MSME, Kannauj at Delhi from 7-9 Aug. 2009.
  9. Faculty training programme “Saksham” based on the usage of Outlook account, one Note, Office 365, Word Styling techniques, data analysis with spreadsheet, skype and Dream-spark organised by Microsoft under Saksham Scheme, Bengaluru Office at K. R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon from 14-15th June 2016.
  10. Short Term course on “E-governance, Eco-preneurship and Green IT in Technical Institutions through ICT” organised by NITTTR, Chandigarh at K. R. Mangalam University, Gurgaon from 9-13th Feb. 2015.


Papers Presented in conferences:

  • Mohan Chandra*, Sharma Kusum and Chandra Sulekh, “Aluminium (III) Selective PVC Membrane Sensor Based on Zinc Complex of Thiophenealdehyde Thiosemicarbazone as an Ionophore (ZTATS)”, 6th International Congress on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Sciences (ICCBES 2016) organised by Higher Education Forum, Taiwan at Osaka, Japan on 10-12 May, 2016 (accepted).
  • Mohan Chandra*, Sharma Kusum and Chandra Sulekh, “A Zinc (II) PVC-membrane sensor based on synthesized thiophenealdehyde semicarbazone TAS as an ionophore”, National Convention of Electrochemists (NCE-19) organised by SAEST at NIT, Trichy, Tamilnadu on 28-29 March, 2016.
  • Mohan Chandra*, “Phosphomolybdic Acid modified Montmorillonite Clay: A green Catalyst for Organic Synthesis”, National Conference on Nanoscience-Opportunities and Challenges organised by the Department of Chemistry, Maitreyi College, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi on 19-20 Feb., 2016.
  • Mohan Chandra*, Sharma Kusum and Chandra Sulekh, “Cd (II) ion-selective electrode based on    2–acetylthiophene Semicarbazone in Polymeric membrane”, International Conference on Emerging Trends on Engineering, Science, Management and its Applications (ICETESMA-16) organised by the YMCA University, Faridabad at India Interntional Centre, New Delhi on 10th  Jan., 2016.
  • Mohan Chandra*, Sharma Kusum and Chandra Sulekh, “Zn (II) ion-selective electrode based on Schiff base ligand as an ionophore in polymer metrix”, 34th  Annual Conference of the Indian Council of Chemists (ICC-2015) organised by the Department of Chemistry, UKA Tarsadia University, Bardoli, Surat on 26-28 Dec., 2015.
  • Development of chemical sensors and biosensors based on Schiff base imines.
  • Application of clay and nanoclay composites for the recovery of toxic and valuable chemicals.
  • Synthesis and application of organometallic compounds (Organophosphorus).

Professional Projects / Professional Achievements

He is pursuing Ph.D in the field of “Schiff based metal complexes and their applications as Chemical Sensors” from GGSIPU Delhi. His Ph.D is on the final stage and supposed to submit upto April 2016. He is also doing P.G. Diploma in Higher Education from IGNOU Delhi. He is also a reviewer of physical chemistry in Oxford University Press, New Delhi. He has a membership of many scientific communities such as Indian Council of Chemists (AF-8037) and South African Chemical Institute etc. He is also a member of the Discipline Committee, Anti-Ragging Committee and have prepared panel for external examiners at K. R. Mangalam University. He has organized various educational tours, invited talks and industrial visits for the students.


  • Selected for the Young Faculty Award for excellence in the field of Inorganic Chemistry (VIF/ACP/FA/2016(AAP-II), by the Venus International Foundation, Chennai in May 2016.
  • Reviewer in an International Journal “Indonesian Journal of Chemistry” published from Yogyakarta. Indonesia.
  • Reviewer & Editorial member in an International Journal “Environment and Natural Resources Research” published from Canadian Center of Science and Education, Canada.
  • Advisor & Editorial member in an International Journal “International Journal of Recent Research Aspects”.
  • Reviewer & Editorial member in ARSEAM Journal “International Journal of Education and Applied Sciences Research”.
  • Invited for a lecture on “Synthesis and applications of Schiff based metal complexes as Electrochemical Sensors” in the 3rd International Symposium on Electrochemistry (MAPET’15) organized by Sensor Lab, University of Western Cape, South Africa on 27th May, 2015.


  • Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA): Membership No. A7
  • Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society: Membership No. 201775
  • Member in Advisory Committee of Academic Research in Science, Engineering, Arts and Management (ARSEAM) Foundation, India.

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