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Dr. J.B. Senthil

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Dr. J.B. Senthil

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D. (Medicinal Chemistry), 2009-2014 from Dr BR Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research (ACBR) , University of Delhi (PhD thesis on
  • PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), (2008-2009) from Indian Law Institute (ILI), New Delhi.
  • M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), 2005-2007 from JSS College of Pharmacy, Rockland, Ooty, affiliated to TN Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai.
  • B. Pharm, 2000-2005 from JSS College of Pharmacy, Rockland, Ooty, affiliated to TN Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai.
  • D.Pharm, 1998-2000 from Directorate of medical Education, Chennai.

Work Experience

  • 2007-2011: Junior Research Fellow (DBT), Medicinal Chemistry Division, ACBR, University of Delhi.
  • 2011-2014: Senior Research Fellow (CSIR), Neuropharmaceuticals Research Lab, ACBR, University of Delhi.
  • 2014 to till date Assistant Professor, School of Medical & Allied Sciences, KR Mangalam University, Gurgaon.


JB Senthil Kumar hails from the queen of hills station, Ooty. After receiving M.Pharm from JSS College of pharmacy, Ooty, Senthil joined Dr BR Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research, New Delhi to carry out research work that focus on discovering dopamine receptor subtype selective lead compounds that might help to understand Parkinsons Disease. Subsequently he was registered to pursue PhD Programme from the same institute (ACBR). During his PhD tenure he has worked on the following projects.

  1. Development of A2a receptor antagonist for Parkinson’s disease
  2. Development dopamine receptor agonist for Parkinson’s disease
  3. Neuroprotective studies of various pharmaceutical agents in Parkinson’s disease.

Most of the results from work were published in high quality international journals such as

  1. Neuroscience letters (Science Direct)
  2. Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry (Science Direct)
  3. Medicinal Chemistry Research (Springer)
  4. Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry (Benthom Science)
  5. Synthetic Communications (Taylor & Francis)

Senthil successfully awarded PhD on March, 2014. From 1st July, 2015. He is currently serving as Assistant professor, School of Medical & Allied Sciences, KR Mangalam University. Presently he is teaching Pharmaceutical Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry to B.Pharm students. He has also taught the following subjects to pharmacy, engineering and arts students.

  1. Environmental Sciences (B.Tech; BCom; BCA;)
  2. Pharmaceutical Analysis (B.Pharm)
  3. Pharmeceutical Microbiology (B.Pharm)
  4. Remedial Biology (B.Pharm)    

Interest Area(s)

  1. Chemical Neuroscience
  2. Medicinal Chemistry
  3. Synthetic Methodology Development  


  • Chemical Neuroscience
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Synthetic Methodology Development  

Professional Projects / Professional Achievements

  1. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Scholarship from All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi for two years to pursue M.pharm course (2005-2007).
  2. Junior Research Fellow (JRF) from Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt of India (2007-2011).
  3. Senior research Fellow (SRF) from Council of Scientific and Industrial research (CSIR), Govt. of India (2011-2014).


  1. Rita Kumari, Kumar JBS and Pratibha Mehta Luthra (2015), Post-lesion administration of 7-NI attenuated motor and non-motor deficits in 6-OHDA induced bilaterally lesioned female rat model of Parkinson’s disease. Neurosci. Lett , Vol 589, pp 191-195.
  2. Kumar JBS, Neeta K, Luthra PM (2013), One-Pot Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydropyridin-2-one via Michael Addition of in situ–Generated Enaminones. Synth Commun, Vol 43, pp 3010-3019.
  3. Luthra PM, Kumar JBS (2012.), Plausible improvements for selective targeting of dopamine receptors in therapy of Parkinson’s disease. Mini Rev Med Chem, Vol  12, pp 1556-1564.
  4. Barodia SK, Mishra CB, Prakash A, Kumar JBS, Kumari N, Luthra PM (2011), Novel 8-(furan-2- yl)-3-benzyl thiazolo [5,4-e][1,2,4] triazolo [1,5-c] pyrimidine-2(3H)-thione as selective adenosine A(2A) receptor antagonist. Neurosci Lett, Vol  488, pp 1-5.
  5. Mishra CB, Barodia SK, Prakash A, Senthil Kumar JBS, Luthra PM (2010) Novel 8-(furan-2-yl)-3-substituted thiazolo [5,4-e][1,2,4] triazolo[1,5-c] pyrimidine-2(3H)-thione derivatives as potential adenosine A(2A) receptor antagonists. Bioorg Med Chem Vol 18, pp 2491-2500.

Luthra PM, Prakash A, Barodia SK, Kumari R, Mishra CB, Kumar JBS (2009In silico study of naphtha [1, 2-d] thiazol-2-amine with adenosine A 2A receptor and its role in antagonism of haloperidol-induced motor impairments in mice. Neurosci Lett,  Vol 463, pp 215-218.


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