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Ms. Sulakshana Banerjee

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Ms. Sulakshana Banerjee

Assistant Professor


  • Pursuing Ph.D (Topic-“Honour Killing And The Role Of Khap Panchayat-An Analysis With Special Reference To Role Of Law With Changing Needs Of Society”).
  • She did LL.M in 2007 from Burdwan University,West Bengal and acquired Gold Medal in the same.
  • She did LL.B in 2004 from Burdwan University, West Bengal and got three Gold Medals for being the topper consecutively for three years.
  • She did B.A English (Hons.) in 2003 from Burdwan University and ranked 1stclass position.

Work Experience

  • Worked as a Legal Associate under the guidance of legendary Ld.Advocate Mr. Golok Bihari Ghosh in District Court, Burdwan. (W.B)  for one year.
  • She worked as a Lecturer of Law in Durgapur institute of Legal Studies declared by Bar Council  “Best Law College in West Bengal”from July 2007-March 2008.
  • She worked at G.D Goenka University, Gurgaon from August 2015-December 2015.
  • Presently, she is associated with K.R.Mangalam University,Gurgaon as an Assistant Professor from January, 2016.


Since 2007, she has taught many subjects and courses viz.Jurisprudence,Indian Contract Act, Law & Sociology,Hindu Law, Public International Law, Environmental Law,Labour Laws, Techniques of Client Interviewing & Counselling and so on.

She has attended many International, National Seminar and Conferences on different aspects of Law.

Interest Area(s)

  • Jurisprudence
  • Laws related to women
  • Contract Act.


  • Jurisprudence
  • Laws related to women
  • Contract Act.

Professional Projects / Professional Achievements

She is member of KRMU Editorial Team.


  • Paper presented on “Honour Killing-A Contemporary Social Malevolent”in International Conference on Applied Psychology in G.D.Goenka University, Gurgaon.ISBN No.978-93-85936-13-5.
  • Article related to “Honour killing ” was published in Bengali Newspaper “Swabhumi” in West Bengal.
  • Article related to “Honour Killing-a boon or a bane” was published in “Andarmahal” magazine Uttarpara, Hooghly.
  • Article related to “Female Foeticide”is published in International Conference on Psychology (2nd Part) in G.D.Goenka University, Gurgaon.
  • Article related to “Witchcraft Hunting”was published in JCC Law Review,Kolkata.
  • Dissertation in LL.M done on “Dowry Deaths in West Bengal”.
  • “Killing in the name of Honour-A Countenance or Condemn?” published in Indian Journal of Social Concerns ISSN -2231-5837 Vol.16, Issue 17.
  • “Honour Killing –A Cataclysm in the name of Honour” published in International Journal of Legal Research and Studies (UGC approved online Journal) Vol.2, Issue -2 ISSN 2456-608X.
  • Presented Paper on the topic “Human Rights & Gender Justice –Honour Killing a gross violation of Human Rights” in International Conference on Human Rights and Gender Justice at Indian Society on International Law ,New Delhi.

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