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B.Tech in Innovation & Entrepreneurship with Mathematical Modeling & IT


About School

The Institute for Inventions, Innovations and Entrepreneurship announces a host of programmes and activities at K.R. Mangalam University that are path-breaking and shall add value to the student’s ability to be successful in life either in a job or as an entrepreneur. The Institute offers the following programs of learning that shall have a global reputation:

Main Features

  • Mentored by some of the worlds leading scientists, academics, and corporate leaders.
  • The TIIIE shall create a culture of knowledge, entrepreneurship and management skills.
  • Some themes: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Creative Design.
  • Merges the sciences and humanities with technology.
  • Innovation shall be the key driving factor.
  • Creates an environment for startups and jobs.
  • The healthy combination of skills and knowledge.
  • Innovative pedagogies, practical.
  • connections of knowledge in the real world, analytical and critical thinking, communication and management strategies, projects based trans-disciplinary learning.

K.R. Mangalam University is proud to announce the sixth year of incorporation, and commencement of Academic Session 2018-19 with a mission of imparting state-of-the-art, technology-enabled teaching with the industry-focused curriculum. The University strives to foster and maintain an environment of creativity with a deep commitment to inculcate excellence in academics and overall development of personality of its students. We look at our students as individuals having different aspirations and unique interests and therefore, offer diverse programmes of studies that are designed to develop their technical and soft skills, analytical acumen, along with qualities of personal and social ethics and social awareness with global perspectives.

Courses designed under TIIIE will project a modern innovative way of imparting learning-i.e. expound a pedagogy that caters to the needs of the young in inspiring and practical ways leading to employability and entrepreneurship.


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