Industrial Revolutions Referred AS Industry 4.0


This century has showcased the world from next great industrial revolutions referred as ‘Industry 4.0’. Thistransition will fundamentally changethe way we live and work by wearing technology into everyday sphere of life by blurring the times between digital and physical systems.The students from the department of ECE and EEE thrived for professional quality work through research, teamwork, and innovation. Students have created and disseminated new ideas and have balanced the bridge between theoretical and practical knowledge by picking the latest area of technologies for projects which are technically feasible, economically viable, smart-environmentally and user-friendly.Projects which are based on virtualization and sensing techniques, Internet of Thingsand Renewable Energy are being simulated, designed, programmed and compiled on Matlab, Tinapro, Keil, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Their applications can be seen in one’s life for social advancement in both rural and urban societies that could be used by the common man to commando.

The glimpses of projects prepared by the ECE and EEE students which promotesthe application of advanced technology:

Prototype of Robotic aid for Commando Operation, using sensors for detecting metals, LPG and motion of human.
Hand Gesture controlled wheelchair aims to build an autonomous electric wheelchair which can be controlled through hand gestures
Single phase Grid connected Solar PV system; load is connected to the PV panel and grid, under conditions when sun is not available to deliver power in range of 0.85 to 1.0pu.
Home automation using Google Assistant in which Google Assistant acts as an automation trigger for home appliances by using MQTT protocol.
Low cost and highly efficientSelf-Balancing Scooterusing IMU sensors consisting of gyroscope and accelerometer sensors.
Well-equipped laboratories facilitate faculty, students, and research scholars to have hands-on experience to simulate and operate real-time projects.

E-Yantra (The Electronics society)is a hobby group that teaches and helps students to understand the seemingly incomprehensible electronic gadgets in the world today.

Every year students under the supervision of departmental faculty come up with latest ideas to meet the fast-paced technology which is emerging at a colossal rate for the progress of the society.