Learn the True Art of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at KRMU’s TIIIE


The renowned K.R. Mangalam University has recently announced one of its most creative initiatives, The Institute for Inventions, Innovations, and Entrepreneurship (TIIIE). KRMU’s TIIE is being expected to stand as one of its most precious assets bestowing its graduates with imperishable wisdom and skills. The TIIIE aims to establish a strong foundation for students to grow ina highly unique culture of exploring and cultivating entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

The TIIIE caters training on some of the most interesting and state-of-the-art arenas or themes that include Artificial Intelligence, Creative Design, Data Science and Robotics. All of these arenas define the faces of inventions in today’s industry, and thus TIIIE has chosen these fields for providing interested and enthusiastic minds an excellent opportunity to develop a perfect combination of practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

Another key approach initiated by the TIIIE that shall interest you significantly is that it blends humanities and science with technology. Well, until a few years back, humanities or arts was only confined to bookish knowledge, but the venture of TIIIE breaks the barriers and aims to set an entirely new trend for today’s innovators. With its highly progressive and versatile training tactics and a steady environment, TIIIE aims to prepare students as highly independent entrepreneurs of startups and jobs.

The TIIIE seeks to provide participants with a blended taste of knowledge impartation that involves trans-disciplinary learning practices encompassing critical thinking, management strategies, communication, collaboration, and more. More than teaching and training the TIIIE projects are focused on research and exploration where participants can take the lead.

In TIIIE, candidates shall be trained by highly reputed real-world corporate leaders and scientists. The venture of TIIIE, aims to encourage and inspire students to the fullest to prepare themselves with strong business management skills that will help them emerge as not only just perfect trend-followers but determined trend-setters in the future.