Legal Profession one of the most sought after career choices for women today


Legal Profession is one of the most sought after profession by woman today with their keen gentle of fair play, justice and equality; as women are endowed with logical thinking, rationality and a firm belief in gender equality. No wonder, that woman today have broken the glass ceiling. More women are entering now in Legal profession –not only for the want of comfort of being a “Corporate Lawyer” but practice in Court of law as well. This actually helping marginalized stratum, deprived sections of society to become alert about their rights, and enhancing the skills required in the modern world with a sound knowledge of law and legalities. Legal profession gives a world of opportunity today with bright career opportunities in numerous fields as practicing lawyers, corporate lawyers, legal aids, legal academics, government institutions and so on.

According to Justice. Krishna Iyer, ‘Profession of law is a noble calling and the members of the Legal profession occupy a very high status.’ Law is the foundation of every society and it cultivates enduring citizens, lawyers, academicians and aspiring judges. Legal education in India denotes to education of lawyers before their access into practice.Legal education is a comprehensive concept. It includes the profession which is practiced in court of law, law teaching, law research and administration in different branches where law plays a pivotal role. It injects a sense of equality before law. The standard of Bar and Bench is the reflection of the quality and standard of the legal education acquired at the law school. Knowledge of law increases, if one understands the dealings of the state. The importance of legal education cannot be over- emphasized in a democratic society. It is necessary duty of everyone to know the law. Ignorance of law cannot be excused (Ignorantia juris non-excusat). Thus, legal education not only produces efficient lawyers but also creates law abiding citizens with human values and rights.Since Law is the foundation of every society or a nation, Legal Education of the people is a sine qua non. Legal education in India is offered by the traditional universities and the specialized law universities and schools only after completion of an undergraduate degree or as an integrate degree. Legal education derives its impulse from the economic, social and political set up of the society. Legal education is a human science which furnishes beyond techniques, skills and competences the basic philosophies, ideologies, critiques, and instrumentalities for the creation and maintenance of a just society.

K.R Mangalam University, a renowned University at Sohna, Gurugram contributing world class education also aims at producing Scholars to be enriched with holistic development that is, overall development of a student to face the reality of life and to held head high in all spheres of existence. School of Law (SOLW), the most coveted of all Schools, at the University is a rich, vibrant place budding with the bunch of teeming lawyers, confident to “take on the world”. Law faculty here is impressive and inspiring, a formidable list of Professors drawn from academia and legal fraternity. The excitement of the students when they participate in Moot Court competition presided over by distinguished Judges is to be seen to be believed. Moot Court Room exercise and Mock Trials, recording of evidence, legal cases developed by the in-house Faculty members etc. are unparallel. Students are honed in their skills to make them finest lawyers in the country and to face the real life outside with their knowledge and experience gained in the University. Law is one of the world’s traditional profession, pursue it and be prepared for a life of comfortable respectability.