Science and Spirituality- Relation


Science is based on the research, reasoning and deals with matter while spirituality is based on the faith. In ancient time humans tried to make sense of its outer world such as how wind blows and water flows. This is how science came into picture and progressed. A research scientist performs the experimental techniques and observes the phenomenon and then reach to any conclusion. Their conclusion in later stages can become a law or universal principal.  As time progressed, we have reached to a grasp of reality and know about the atoms, neutron and protons. Science makes discoveries which may later lead to inventions.  New matter is “New” until it is unknown. What is the invention then?  Let’s talk about an example of discoveries of seeds. If scientist finds seeds of two plants it’s a discovery but if these seeds would mix together and a new family of seeds would generate, it’s an invention. Now, main question arises from where these original seeds come from?

Later in different sciences, calamity occurred in field when scientist started thinking about the building block of reality and universe.  This thinking gave the invention to Quantum Theory by pioneers like Neil Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrodinger and Einstein. Thus quantum phenomenon came to be recognized by the world. It is the most exciting discovery which looked into deeper grasp of reality. They developed the mathematical tool to solve uncharted streams in a minute level. Then, scientist started realizing universe is not made of matter. It is speculated that whole universe is a matter of evolution from what is described as a ‘sub-atomic particle’ called Higgs Boson. These elusive particles are also called “God particles”.  These particles give all the matter in the universe its size and shape. The universe, in this way, was described as a matter of self-evolution. Scientists just discovered these “God particles” which were already into existence. Now the question again arises from where these God particles come from? Who created these?

Now the creator of the universe comes into picture. Believing into the concept of supreme power gives birth to faith whichevolves the concept of spirituality through the human race since beginning. At this point of time no matter is required to describe, it is just the belief which exist with no intention of disputes and contradictions. Our spiritual masters tell us why and how everything is created in nature. Nature has created  itfor specific purpose. It’s the mystery of nature and it cannot be solved with the help of only science.  From ancient times our saints and oracles have been trying to unfold this nature’s great mystery by immersing themselves in its inner journey, and use of subconscious mind. Like, we have seven chakras in the body. Now we can see these chakras with the help of highly sensitive instruments and take the pictures of their energies. Each chakra has different role for the healthy functioning of human body. Secondly, we know the law of levitation; aspiritual master can levitate by implementing some disciplines. So the gravitational force of earth begins to lose if a human develop cerebral function of brain. Similarly, now lot of efforts has been made by researchers to improve the cognitive function of brain.

Now a day it is the biggest question of humanity how to stay healthy and diseased free. The purpose of whole science is service of civilization. Similarly, spirituality finds its importance to serve the human and understand the functioning of supreme power. Like science, spiritual findings are also based on research of spiritual masters which is done stepwise. Spiritual masters cannot say I alone know this, like a science scholar. If a master knows something, millions of people can do the same by following guided steps; likewise we do research in labs. Spirituality is strongly based on science whereas the outcome of a practice we do not know. Thus, it looks that science and spirituality contradicts each other, but in its true nature spirituality and science come to meet the same ends. Here we see how both connect and relate with each other.

Here in School of Basic and Applied Sciences at KR Mangalam University, our faculty tries to inculcatethe concepts of real world and helps students to develop the foresighted knowledge and scientific acumen.
Dr. RomilaManchanda
Associate Professor
School of Basic and Applied Sciences