Starting Afresh: World after COVID-19


The last few months has seen a challenge in the form of COVID-19 that has paralyzed the entire global community. Millions have been infected and thousands have died and global economies and societies have been facing major challenges due to lockdowns and quarantines. As every country diverted their resources and manpower in containing this pandemic, it has been seen that the various social and economic fissures that existed in the system, became more pronounced than ever. The systemic fallacies have contributed to the increasing misery and despair caused by this virus.

It would be only prudent to evaluate the lacunas in the system and address it in a world post COVID 19. Starting afresh entails a thorough analysis of the general drawbacks of our socio-political and economic systems. This study endeavors to understand the various refuted theories and propose to address the shortcomings in them. As it is evident from the history that every major event leads to big transformation both at micro and macro level testing our ability to withstand the crisis and also teaches us to bounce back with greater zeal as the show must go on. The study aims to understand the chronology of the pandemic in the most affected nations namely China, Italy, Spain, USA along with India. This would help us to understand the structural nature of the event and formulate plans accordingly. It also endeavors to evaluate existing theories that have guided the contemporary systems.

It also intends to study the economic parameters of the countries that have been majorly affected by COVID-19. The contemporary GDPs, trade situation, services, industrial output and relief operations would help us understand the projected economic scenarios after the world recuperates from this pandemic.

This study also intends to understand the sociological factors that were visibly disturbed in the pandemic. Globally as well as nationally,we not only have to deal with the health sector but also other sociological factors such as class privilege, economic disparity etc during this pandemic. COVID 19 also ushered a narrative that an event in a particular country can result in a domino effect on the entire global community. Thus, the idea of development should be approached globally rather than nationally. As a society we need to rise above the parochial national boundaries and endorse the idea of VasudhaivaKutumbakam (Sanskrit: वसुधैवकुटुम्बकम, which is loosely translated as the whole world is a family).The study aims to provide an account of the social parameters that were affected during this epidemic and accordingly propose solutions for the same.

The present study would also throw light on the way Indian Education System was affected by the sudden closure of educational institutions. It intends to explore the ways and means by which various digital platforms were harnessed to continue the academic processes. It would also propose structural changes in the educational curriculum that would help raise awareness about COVID-19.

It was witnessed that the lockdowns and social distancing practiced in the society had a positive impact on environment. Many environmental parameters showed improved standards. The study would include suggestions on sustainable means of development without compromising the environment.

COVID 19, as a pandemic, brought the entire world to a standstill; exposing the chinks in our idea of economic prosperity and political stability. Starting Afresh would entail an analysis of our sociological vulnerabilities and economic shortcomings; and propose alternatives that would address the loopholes in the existing system.