The Worth of Industry-Vetted Management Training in 21st-Century Corporate World

The Worth of Industry-Vetted Management Training in 21st-Century Corporate World


With the world becoming more and more competitive, it is vital for students to engage in immersive learning so that they can stay abreast with the industry demands. No wonder, most employers and corporates these days lookout for skilled and talented management professionalswho can take on challenging roles in the organization. For newly graduated students, it is important that they hone their skills and knowledgebase all throughout their college years to get ready for the dynamic management sector. This is the reason why leadingeducational institutions across the world are striving to develop the skill-sets of students and prepare them for the actual corporate world.

One of the tactical ways that have been adopted by the educational institutions to aid in the students’ enhancement of professional skills and knowledge is through industry-vetted training programs. Incorporating industrial visits and training sessions as a part of the curriculum is a great way to produce smarter employees for the future world. Industry-vetted training offers a robust platform for students to learn and interact with the real-world management professionals to gain knowledge about the industry know-how. It helps instill practical knowledge in students and prepare them for the actual working environment.

How Industry-vetted training helps?

Industry visits and training are a great way to instill comprehensive practice learning in students. For management professionals, these training programs help improve their performance at work and help to boost their work employability. Indeed, when students are skilled enough for the management domain, they are in an advantageous position to embark on a prospective career and establish their potential in a better way.

Today’s management domain requires expertise in all aspects of leadership and management functions. The emphasis needs to be on holistic learning that includes practical experience and industry exposure. In those lines, K.R.Mangalam University, regarded as the best university in Gurgaon, prepares its management studentsto become accomplished management professionals with well-rounded knowledge in all aspects of management.

Understandingthe trends and technology is crucial

The 21st century’s corporate business world demands management graduates to be prepared for future challenges. Students are required to know about the emerging and modern technological advancements and developments prevailing in the sector so that they can be well informed of it when they encounter them at work. Industrial visits are a gateway for students to identify and work with existing technologies in the domain and gain novel information about the industry basics from the working professionals.

Experiential learning helps bridge the gap between industry and academia

Management professionals require optimum learning skills to develop their competencies across the sector. The exposure to real industry help students to perceive and deal with the work challenges from different perspectives for the benefit of the organizational progression. Experiential learningas an outcome of industry-vetted management training benefits students to know the practical working methods and employment practices happening at the actual workplace so that they can learn to adapt well to the industry demands.

Industry-vetted training enables better application of learned concepts

The primary aim to organize these industrial visits is to facilitate students to apply the learned theoretical concepts while keeping the practical aspects of learning intact. Industrial trainings help students gain the needed experience and exposure to learn and apply academic concepts through practical interaction with industry professionals. Industry exposure provides management professionals with better clarity to important managerial concepts and understand firsthand how these learnt concepts are put into action.

We, at K.R.Mangalam University, aTop Ranked MBA University in Haryana, understand that the ‘real world’ needs to be dealt from a different perspective than that of the theoretical concepts. And so, we provide our students with a host of opportunities to train them competently for the management domain. It allows them to constantly reinvent themselves for handling new situations and new technologies, and come up with rather innovative solutions.

To aid this, industrial visits are arranged for all KRMU management students to gain a realistic insight into the corporate world. It enables them to understand the practical real-world perspective on different management functions such as Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, and more. We aim to bridge the gap between theoretical training and practical learning through which we prepare our students to become efficient and effective professionals in the industry. The valuable industry interface provided by K.R. Mangalam University fosters not only highly efficient learning for students but also connects them with the top corporates and enterprises to help them attract extended career opportunities for themselves.