Welcome on Board: Prof. Jack Copeland
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

It is a matter of great pride and privilege as Prof. Jack Copeland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, University of Canterbury, Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand joins KRMU as Honorary Distinguished Professor and Governing Body Member.

Learn from internationally acclaimed
academician prof. Dinesh Singh

Grab the opportunity to attend the classes of Padma Shri Prof. Dinesh Singh, Chancellor, KRMU, a highly accomplished and versatile academician. Prof. Singh with his immense experience will take exclusive classes for the new entrants. He is teaching ‘Harnessing the Power of Web’ and ‘Data in Everyday Life and Career’.

KRMU Dialogue E-Series
We are happy to share that K.R. Mangalam University has renowned academicians and industry connoisseurs as our Intellectual Capitals. You can interact and learn from these eminent resource persons in KRMU Dialogue. The interactive session is live on our Facebook Page or log in to our website www.krmangalam.edu.in

E-Faculty Development Programmes
School of Management and Commerce, School of Medical and Allied Sciences, School of Basic and Applied Sciences and School of Humanities conducted E-FDPs in the month of July. More than 300 teachers, faculty and research scholars participated from various streams. These sessions were conducted on various pertinent topics by the resource persons of varied background and expertise.

Student Development Programme
School of Legal Studies organized Five Day Student Development Programme (SDP) on ‘Careers in Law’ from 10 to 14 July 2020. The SDP was organized for existing and aspiring law students. The resource persons included experts form Judiciary, JAG Officers, Law firms, Advocates and Academicians.

Online Young Chef Competitions
School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology organized Online Young Chef competition sponsored by Maggi on 5 July 2020 for Class XII students. The participants were expected to prepare an innovative dish with Maggie. Another competition ‘Mithe Pyaar Ki Jhappi’ was conducted in association with Zeneth Kitchen equipment on 26 July 2020 wherein participants prepared a sweet dish with their parent as a kitchen partner.