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TALK SHOw “The Social, Psychological & Legal Aspects of Sexual Harassment.”

On 24th November 2016, COMMITTEE AGAINST SEXUAL HARASSMENT (CASH) organised aTalk show on “The Social, Psychological & Legal Aspects of Sexual Harassment.”For the students and faculty of KRMU. ACP Ms. Tanya Singh, Dr. Ritu Gupta, Dr. Renu Chug, Ms. Seema Rajput and Mr. Sudheer were the eminent speakers.

Event was started by a brief introduction to the topics of Talk Show and about the learned speakers by Prof.(Dr.)Omana Antony,the Chairperson of CASH. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. R.K. Mittal welcomed the gathering and encouraged the students to take active participation in the event.

Mr. Sudheer, Inspector and Cyber-Crimes expert, informed the students about Cyber-Crimes- what are cyber-crimes, how are they committed and how we can protect ourselves from being a victim. The drawbacks of social networking sites eg. facebook and wats app were discussed by him. Dr. Renu Chug, Professor and Chairperson of Committee Against Sexual Harassment, MDU, Rohtak discussed the definition of sexual harassment in detail and how this issue became a statutory law etc. Dr. Ritu Gupta, Professor, NLU, Delhi and Legal Expert, CASH, KRMU, discussed the judicial precedents on the topic. Ms. Tanya Singh, ACP, Pataudi, Gurgaon discussed her views on Sexual Harassment and also suggested ways by which one can avoid such problem. As quoted by her, “YOU HAVE TO CONSIDER YOURSELF AS A VICTIM FIRST, ONLY THEN CAN YOU EVADE SUCH HARASSMENT.”

The students eagerly interacted with the speakers with their queries on various aspects of harassment.

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and the Pro Vice Chancellor honoured the speakers and the talk show came to an end with the vote of Thanks proposed by Mrs.Kaveri Sharma.


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