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CASH Members

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  • Prof.(Dr.) Omana Antony, (Dean, SOHS) Chairperson (+91-8800536225)
  • Dr.Meena Bhandari, (Asst.Prof. SBAS) Member (+91-9999621544)
  • Dr.Diwakar Padalia, (Asst.Prof. SBAS) Member (+91-800697002)
  • Mrs.Sapna Sharma, (Asst.Prof. SOHS) Member (+91-9650331888)
  • Mrs.Kaveri Sharma, (Asst.Prof. SOLW) Member (+91-8860971457)
  • Ar.Vinod Patil, (Asst.Prof. SOAP) Member (+91-9910088775)
  • Mrs.Rupali Sharma, (HR) Member (+91-8800697015)
  • Dr. Ritu Gupta, Associate Professor, National Law University, Delhi, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078

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