It is hard for me to put this feeling into words. I am thrilled to express my words into speech on such a momentous occasion of my life. It is an honor for me to receive Chancellor’s award for excellence in Innovative teaching Pedagogy. I feel very grateful to the leadership team of K R Mangalam University to give recognition to my work.

I also thank to all my colleagues who were a great pillar behind my success. For my skill development, they played a significant part. Their training and knowledge in different stages of my life were hugely influential for my success.

This excellence award will be an essential part of my life. It will motivate me for the rest of my future always. Thank You!

I am honoured and extremely delighted to receive the award. I had no idea that I am being considered for this award.

This award will always be a treasure in my professional career. I sincerely thank the management for their attention given to our work. It will work as great motivation for years to come.

This recognition is another example of the great support from Leadership and Management throughout the journey.A Big thanks to Chancellor sir for valuing my contributions for KRMU Students.

The season looks promising, and I plan to make the most of the upcoming opportunities.

I am very glad to learn about the Chancellor Award conferred on me by KRMU. I have tried to build an Engineering Kitchen with the collaboration of Dr Ajay Kumar.

Drs Ruby Jindal, Rajni Gautam and Nidhi Gaur have also contributed. Some students could work on projects even during the pandemic. I thank Vice Chancellor and other colleagues for positive support.