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The Center for Community Engagement at the KRMU promotes social justice and civic engagement via community service and community-based research and learning. Our programmes build bridges between the KRMU community and the diverse communities of the Gurgaon area. Our students, who spend critical years of their lives here are introduced to the many facets of the millennium city-one that juxtaposes enormous wealth with poverty, educational inequities, and inadequate health care.

We believe that community service is a means to understand the socio-economic context in which we function. Students will learn as much as they give in the process of their involvement, particularly if they think critically about the issues facing communities today. The diverse neighbourhoods of KRMU area have tremendous assets, including religious institutions, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, grassroots leaders, and community members with multiple skills. We strive to cultivate ongoing, sustainable partnerships with not-for-profit organizations that are working to achieve concrete, lasting outcomes for their communities, so that they come to view KRMU as an engaged member of the city and a partner in addressing local concerns.

The Center for Community Engagement provides support, resources, and ongoing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to become engaged in a range of issues. We advise and support student organizations, clubs, societies, and fraternities that are engaged in projects and activities with a community focus so that students can understand issues of social justice in a local and national context. Students practice, re-examine, and deepen their classroom learning through a project in a nonprofit setting where their work benefits others as well as their own intellectual development.

The Center for Community Engagement is committed to ensuring that the KRMU community puts …ideas into action and action into service.

The Center for Community Engagement provides support for:

    • The Community-Service Learning Programme (CSLP): a community-based learning option in which students attach an additional credit to a course by combining classroom study with active civic participation.
    • The Incorporation of Community-Based Learning (CBL) into Courses: faculty and students can seek assistance with community placements, finding community-based learning resources, and receive logistical support to more effectively integrate community-based learning into their courses.

The University is committed to a balanced growth of the region. It is with this motivation that, we have plans to adopt some villages around the University for providing free vocational training to their residents who have attained a minimum qualification upto the final level of school education. Apart from sharpening their career prospects, the purpose of this training is to supplement their school level education with a vocational bias so that they could set up small units in their own villages. Our emphasis is on providing “Hands-on Experience” focused on skill development. The skills are periodically assessed through structured tests. At the end of the training a final examination is conducted and those that qualify are awarded a proficiency certificate by the University.


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